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Who to take next semester

  1. Nov 27, 2012 #1
    I am taking organic chemistry, and I will be choosing who to take next semester for the 2nd half of the class. I am taking it with someone (I've made a previous post about it) that I am not too fond of his personality. However, I cannot deny that he is an expert in the field with accolades etc.

    However, the other professor is much less skilled in the field, but is a much more pleasant person to be around.

    Do I take the jerk that is knowledgeable or the nice lady that isn't as knowledgeable? Organic chemistry probably isn't too important for my intended major (chemical engineering).

    What would you guys do?
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    I'd take the person I mesh with better. Any organic chemists is more than capable of teaching an intro sequence on organic chemistry.
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    She isn't an organic chemist. I think she did masters in biochemistry and is shaky on the material..the other guy is a caltech educated organic chemist with a phd, but he is really annoying to deal with personality wise. The lady is very easy going and not a pain in the rear end to deal with.

    Edit: I should also mention its her 2nd time teaching the class, whereas the other guy has been teaching it for a number of years.
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    Biochemistry is near enough. This person knows how to review Organic concepts and skills well enough to teach Organic Chemistry. This person may actually know as much as needed already or more for the course. You would want best to take from this person who you believe has a personality that will blend better with yours.
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    She is probably fine to teach the course. Getting a PhD from caltech does not mean one is better at teaching a course intended for sophomores. She might put a more biological spin on the way she covers some material, but organic chemistry curricula is pretty standardized overall so I doubt that too.
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