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News Who to vote for?

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    So we have elections on Saturday. But the fact is I have no idea who to vote for. I want to vote for 4 different parties, changing my decision every day. I want to know how would people decide in this situation. What would be your priorities?

    Experienced party with a few scandals, trustworthy and solid leader but they have opinions that you don't agree with 100%

    Very Experienced leader with moderate amount of scandals, guarantee of stability and continuity, excellent in international affairs (which have become very important recently), but fails miserably at domestic scene

    Party that you agree 100% with in all areas but they have no chance of winning so your vote would have no value. The people are new and you know nothing about them.

    Experienced party, average amount of scandals, with some new faces that have excellent ideas about domestic social affairs and economy (you agree 100%) with a high chance of forming coalition. Their moral values (minorities, gay marriage, women, Church) are total opposite of yours. May or may not cause some problems in the EU and at home depending on new faces you know nothing about (old party was famous for constant arguing and inability to make compromise).

    Who would you vote for?
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    Simon Bridge

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    In NZ we resolve this problem by having two votes ... one vote is for the political party you'd most like to see form the government and the other for the specific person you think will best represent you or your electorate.
    Your profile says you are in Europe - you may need to enlighten the non-Europeans around here which elections you are talking about ;)

    I'd want a party with a record of paying attention ... individuals just need to be good at getting what they go after.
    I'm not as worried about scandals as I am about ability to do the job.
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    I am talking about parliament elections in Slovakia. We can vote for a party and than choose specific people from that party. I vote only for a party because to be honest I only know the leaders :-) as far as I know choosing specific people is not so important, it's parties as a whole that matter.
    What I find most important is that our medical and school system are in a desolate state. You wouldn't believe if I told you that something like this is possible in the EU. Pharmaceutical mafia was stealing chemotherapy straight from patients at oncology in our biggest hospital and sold it to Western countries. This was happening for years! My own mothers leukemia came back because she couldn't get pills to prevent relapse for several months. There were other scandals similar to this and no one was ever punished.
    I'm not even writing about other domestic affairs as that would be too long and depressing.
    We definitely need someone new and strong to solve this.

    I am also aware that we need a responsible and experienced representatives in the EU who are aware of all relationships and strategic interests. The EU is in a crisis and if it fails there will be very serious consequences.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Sounds to me like your priorities are anti-corruption and law-n-order.
    You'll want a party that can field a group of people committed to these values.
    As far as the individuals - it's up to you if you want to find out who the candidates are and how much you want to get involved.
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