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Who to write reu recs?

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    I have been looking at research programs not for this summer but the next, most of them want a few letters of recommendation, however since I will still be pretty early in the physics program when I am applying who could I consider writing my letters of rec, does it have to be physics professors, what sort of information are they looking for from them with regards to an REU anyways?
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    Generally it's best to have professors write these. As you progress in physics, your classes will get smaller and smaller (depending on the size of your school) and there will be a chance that you'll get to know a few of them well enough to ask for reference letters. Other ways to get to know them include volunteer work in labs, or joining undergraduate clubs/societies or engineering teams with faculty mentors, or volunteering for student seats on committees when they come up.

    They look for the same thing that anyone looks for from a reference in a hiring process. They want to know whether or not you're a good fit for the position. They want to know about your work ethic, your character, your passion for your studies, etc.
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