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Who use ANSYS ?

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    is it difficult to learn?
    where can i get its user manual ?
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    download ansys or buy (first would be better) and it encloses everything you need to know just by using ''HELP'' ... all commands, explaining underlying theory and tutorials on many kinds of problems
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    Yes, its difficult to learn. I've been using for months and am still completely lost as to proper ways to do things and such. You're best bet would be go through the tutorials and maybe even the verification manual to get an idea about commands and how to run it.
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    maybe the OP has learnt it by now, its been 4 years.

    Anyways, i think learning the theory about what is being simulated via numerical methods is much more important & needless to say "tough". Ansys or any other software is essentially doing only calculations. Knowing the theoretical concept & solution of a problem greatly simplifies the approach in the software
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    Not really in the case of ANSYS. It is not a very user friendly interface. It does have a heafty learning curve even with a good solid FEA background. I am proof of that. ANSYS's interface and command structure makes sense after you have used it for a while and get the idea of the thought process behind their madness. However, it is hardly intuitive. I think that is why Workbench is so popular.

    Why did a 4 year old thread get resurrected?
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