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Who was the best, bar none , movie star of the 20th century?

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    This really is a hard choice for me, as there were several, but considering fan appreciation, money making, and quantity of movies made, I would pick JOHN WAYNE.
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    Ditto,TJ...I'd like to add Evo for her work in stills.
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    Probably Jack Nicholson. He is vastly more fascinating than most actors to watch, and he has managed to relocate the center of his fame onto his most recent role more than most other actors.
    First it was Randle P. McMurphy in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Then it was Jake Giddes in Chinatown. Then it was the father in The Shinning. Then it was Van Horn in The Witches Of Eastwick. Then it was the Marine in A Few Good Men.
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    jimmy p

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    James Stewart or Tom Hanks for me.
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    Jack Nicholson has my vote.
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    You are so sweet...and FUNNY!!!

    Actually, I did sing on national tv with Arlo Guthrie once. There must be some old timers out there that remember him.

    My favorite actor is Cary Grant, my favorite film by him is a Christmas film The Bishop's Wife where he plays an angel. It is sooo funny.
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    Bugs Bunny
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    NO JOKE?? ARLO GUTHRIE??? Tell us about this! What show? You must have been just a BABY!! :wink:
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    Nothing glamorous. I worked for a radio station that had their transmitter bombed the the Ku Klux Klan and a song by Arlo Guthrie was playing when we went off the air.

    There was a show called the Great American Dream Machine that did documentaries for PBS and they decided to do a documentary on us. Arlo was asked to write a song about the bombing and come to our station and sing it with the station workers for the show. I was asked to sit next to him for the filming.

    And on topic, Arlo is also a movie star.
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    "You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant"

    I vote for Elizabeth Taylor.
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    Wow, I'm impressed, I didn't think anyone would know.
  13. Feb 8, 2004 #12
    I vote for Katharine Hepburn ... especially Katharine Hepburn / Spencer Tracy duo.
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    Arlo Guthrie was a main character in a tv series that was filmed in Hawaii for a while. Not sure what happened to it though. I think it just didn't "pop" for the networks.

    And speaking of Evo...is there an avatar or smiley with little chirpy birds flying in circles overhead, or little hearts swelling up and poppping...(swoon)Evo, would you be my Valentine? (blush) And forget pickles, I jus wanna ride my mowtor-sickle.
  15. Feb 10, 2004 #14
    Peter Falk.

    I'm serious. You sould see his work in films of John Cassavetes.
  16. Feb 10, 2004 #15
    Tough one...
    Of course you can look at their effect on the populace...
    Marilyn Monroe
    James Dean
    Marlon Brando
    Liz Taylor

    Or their esoteric style and proof of range...
    Johnny Depp
    Gary Oldman
    Jack Nicholson
    Robin Williams

    Their classical style and technical abilities...
    Bette Davis
    Judi Densch (sp?)
    Audrey Hepburn
    Jim Varney
    Juliette Binoche

    Their box-office drawing power...
    Arnold Schwartzenwhatever
    James Stewart
    Leonardo Dicaprio

    The acting giants of the seventies/early eighties grit explosion...
    Robert Deniro
    Al Pachino
    Harvey Keitel

    God, this list coud go on forever!

    On most days I think I would have to go with a toss up between:
    Johnny Depp, Gary Oldman and Jack Nicholson
    With honorable mention to Jim Varney, of course.

    I am surprised no one nominated Pauly Shore yet.
    Didn't you see his heart wrenching perfomance in "Encino Man"?
  17. Feb 10, 2004 #16
    One_Raven, your mention of Gary Oldman made me realize I'd forgotten about him. He may in fact be the greatest living actor, now that Laurence Olivier is gone. Oldman's range is stupendous. He can play anything, it seems, powerfully and convincingly. Most people have probably seen him in several different things without realizing it was the same actor, he is such a complete chameleon.

    Of course you're right, though: there is Jim Varney...
  18. Feb 10, 2004 #17


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    I was tempted to say DeNiro, but he has pretty limited range. I would say Jimmy Stewart. When you look at his range, it is amazing. He did comedy very well (Harvey, Philadelphia Story), westerns, It's a Wonderful Life, and those Hitchcock movies.

  19. Feb 10, 2004 #18


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    Max Weinberg.
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