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News Who's afraid of Rabbi Kahane?

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    *deleted for being retarded*

    ok, for being an entire article cut and pasted...
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    jimmy p

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    LOL, wouldnt it be funny if Zero hadnt deleted it and that was what Mr. Ariel had actually typed.
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    I will say this knowing that he was wrong.


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    We now know who is afraid of Rabbi Kahane.... :-)

    It's a shame that the Jewish establishment in America and elsewhere dread the BIBLICAL TEACHINGS of Rabbi Kahane that expose them as bankrupt and hypocritical and Jews living in a self-imposed exile with their ghetto-mentality rather than becoming better Jews by moving to Israel. Too many Jews have distanced themselves from Rabbi Kahane's teachings because that would mean they would have to actually do something other than just smugly profess to be Jews! All talk and no action doesn't impress our Creator.

    Here's the address for the original article posted to start discussion: http://www.masada2000.org/kahane.html [Broken]
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    If they all moved to Israel then they would be distancing themselves from everything they have ever known. Do you really think that Israel could cope with all of the Worlds Jewish population crossing its borders? No.

    To put it simple, YOUR WRONG!

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    jimmy p

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    this rabbi sounds a bit like that muslim extremist cleric here in britain, Abu Hamza...Lets chuck him out.`
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    This is the Politics forum, not the Biblical teachings forum...
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    jimmy p

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    okey dokey, lets put Abu Hamza, Noam Federman and David Ben-Ariel on an island together, and if they get on well, we will nuke it.
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