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Who's an atheist? What does s/he think of the world?

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    Who's an atheist? What does s/he think of the world? I mean how it all started and would end.

    Now I want atheists to answer these questions:
    How did you get to be an atheist? What is the purpose of life in your oppinion?
    What do you think of God and religions?

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    How did I get to be an atheist?

    I observe the natural world and notice that there's nothing that can't be explained from the stand point that God doesn't exist. Furthermore, for those things that have yet to be explained (dark matter and whatnot), I find it theologically and intellectuallyl vapid to assume a higher power since it relegates God to a "God of the Gaps."

    What is the purpose of life?

    It serves no higher purpose. But I find it very enjoyable. I wish to continue to live for some deal of time, just as nature selected me to wish.

    What do I think of God?

    I think of him as a sort of Santa Claus. It's a silly idea and I don't think most people really believe in him either, but they find some comfort in pretending he does in front of children.


    Mostly a way for a few people to exercise power over a lot. If you don't behave yourself and do what I say, God will put a lump of coal in your stocking. It's also useful for the ceremonies and rituals which are an integral part of any given society. Weighing the good and the bad I'd say it's a wash.

    As for the start of the world. It started when dust and rock orbiting the sun coalesced into a large molten ball which eventually cooled into the world we know now.

    As for ending it will get a good toasting when the sun goes nova. Although I've heard tell it will stick around as the sun becomes a white dwarf and presumably it will just sit and spin for untold billions of years as the universe expands and everything drifts off at an ever increasing rate.

    There's an interesting bit in the middle where life evolves.
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    How old were you when you became an atheist unless you were an atheist when you were a kid?
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    Sorry, our policy is to not carry on discussions regarding religion. We do allow the "god" topics to go on for philosophical topics however.
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