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Whos hotter?

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    whose hotter?


    Yes, lets get some comments from everyone, women welcomed also. Lets have some fun with this.

    My answer is my lovely wife Sofia, i luvs you. Te Amo! But if i werent married i would chose SHANIA :wink:
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    Faith Hill, she is younger (even if it is just 2 years).
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    Tom Mattson

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    Shania, no question. Given the choice of watching the videos of either of those no-talent bimbos with the volume on "Mute", I definitely choose Shania.
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    Hmmm... I'm going to have to go with your lovely wife Sofia as well.

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    well i dont really see either of them so dont bother reading this but after carful deduction i have found neither are as hot as me
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    Ghoncheh Tazmini.

    She's got a book out too. Seasons of the heart Vancouver : Elm Tree Press, 1999, ISBN 0-9686200-0-0. Poetry. You can read an essay of hers here: http://greatgame.no.sapo.pt/acopiniao/CentralAsiaSurvey.pdf

    Date of Birth (Era): 1974
    Place of Birth: Tehran, Iran

    Her bio:
    And you can find a bunch of her poems here: http://www.persianpoema.com/Poets/Contemporary/

    If you're wondering where you may have seen her, she was the Arabian lady in Baghdad at the start of The Thirteenth Warrior.
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    I thought I was the only one who watched CMT like that!!!
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    LOL, well, he did say to have some fun with this, didn't he? :smile:

    Almost forgot to cast my own vote.

    You got to have Faith. However, neither are really my type, but that Sophia...
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    Comments from the peanut gallery;

    performance wise
    I have only seen little glimpses of each performer in action. Faith Hill seems too long and gangly, not moving her body well. Shania Twain, on the other hand seemed a small, thin little thing that moves well. So, if they are both ‘shaking it’ I think the edge goes to Shania.
    winner = Shania

    Body wise
    Both are thin, though Shania looked like she needed more meat on her bones. Both look good and I don’t see enough difference to make a distinction.
    winner = could go either way, can’t decide.

    Face wise
    Shania can look nice in some photos and average or below average in others. Faith, to me, is the better looking of the two. She has more of a wholesome, go to church and raise a family look, while Shania looks more like a cocktail waitress.
    winner = Faith

    Singing wise
    From what little I’ve heard it seems Faith is more of a soulful country type, while Shania is more of an upbeat ‘countryish’ pop-type. Faith may have a nice voice, but Shania has a nice clear voice herself and, best of all, can emit these little ‘who, who’ type sounds that make old Boulder want to grab her tightly…
    winner = Shania

    Boulder's pick
    If I had to choose one as a lifelong partner I’d probably pick Faith. If I could choose one for a nightlong partner, I’d go with Shania.
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