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Whozum and i

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    i love him. he's in arizona. what do i do?

    OOOK... how about some advice? info? i've been trying to find cheap flights and all that. i can't really afford to go out and visit him in arizona but i'd like to. i wish i had some friends or something to stay with... but i don't. so i'll probably also need a cheap place to stay. He's in the phoenix area, and i'm near boston. so, if anyone has connections? or hey, if anyone feels like loaning me some cash, that'd also be nice. i really want to go out there, and i don't exactly have the means, but i want to make it work. help?
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    How much cash do you need ? im not rich but could stretch to a modest loan.
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    Why can't he come to you?:confused:

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