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Why all the hate?

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    Personally, I am an Atheist, but I think it is good to study some of the major religions in order to see their POV and argue with their crazies better. Not all of the crazies are Christian.I have seen just as many Islamic crazies as Christian, but I have yet to see any Jewish crazies. That would make sense considering that Christianity is highest population followed by Islam and then a few religions down is Judaism. Here are the numbers for 2004:
    I propose that three of the world's major religions are just different forms of the same one. At a cursory reading of the synopsis of all of the Surahs, I see that almost all of the all of theTorah is included, but slightly different(names and such). The Gospels are in there as well. The Qur'an even says
    The Tawrat and Injeel are the Torah and Gospels, respectively. It even has the virgin birth: There are passages that talk about how Jews only use part of the word of Allah and that Isa(Jesus) was just a prophet and not the son of Allah. So, most of the world (roughly 56.8% as of 2004) belive in the same religion, yet deny that it is the same religion. The only difference is the details. Jews don't believe Muhammad or Jesus were prophets and definitely don't believe that Jesus was the son of Allah. Islam believes that Jews only have part of the truth and that Jesus was only a prophet.
    . Christians believe that Jews only have part of the truth, Muhammad was not a prophet, and that Jesus was the son of Allah. All three agree on most of the doctrine, so why is there so much hate between the religions? I have noticed(at least in Christianity) there is even hate between the different sects due to details. The message is the same, just the details are different. So, why hate each other?
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    As for Jewish crazies, remember the settler who massacred Muslims during their prayers, and the murderers of Yitzchak Rabin?
    Secondly, if you go back to the time prior to the diaspora (i.e, 71 AD, when the Romans crushed the Jewish state), Jewish politics was characterized by, and infamously renowned for the fierce squabbles among different sects of Jews.
    If you've seen "Life of Brian", Monty Python satirizes over this well-authenticated aspect of ancient Jewish society.
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    i meant personal encounters. i haven't heard of those events. thanx for the history lesson.
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