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Why and how does ice sublimate in the freezer?

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    Why and how does ice sublimate in the freezer?
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    Ice will sublimate under significantly lower pressures than 1 atm and with sufficient internal energy; note it will take a very long time for ice to sublimate in the freezer. Not quite sure how a referigetor operates though; removes the heat someway perhaps.......something to do with carnot engines. Any gaseous water molecules which do sublimate will probably be removed which will somewhat faciliate further sublimation.
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    dont refrigerators/freezers remove heat by passing a gas (free-on) through some tubes and let it expand signficantly, thus cooling it and the freezer down. arent they also air tight (or atleast there isnt alot of air flow in and out), no air enters/leaves so as to effect the temperature inside/outside the freezer, isnt that why you can sufficate inside one.

    If i had to explain ice subliming in the freezer, although I am not sure, I would venture a guess that it is because of the low temperature, low pressure air somehow, drawing up more evaporated water/ice molecures into the air. other than that, I dont know.
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