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Why are clouds white?

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    In one place I read that since the particles are big they reflect white light as is. But in another I read that they are made up of water droplets of varying sizes so,

    small droplets: make blue
    medium droplets: make green
    larger droplets: make red

    ...and together they combine to make a white cloud. Which one is correct?

    And also, under Raman effect it's given that in Rayleigh scattering the scattered light is the same as that of the incident light. But how. The sky is blue. This is because blue light is scattered. But the incident light is white? Or do they mean that the scattered light's wavelength does not change?
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    I've only read that water droplets are larger than the wavelengths of visible light and therefore reflect or scatter all of it equally.
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    diffuse reflection off water droplets.
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    May I join in along a sideline.

    Clouds consist of water droplets. What holds the cloud up in the air?
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    Thanks Charmar.
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