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Why are girls so manipulative?

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    Recently, I fell in love with a girl. I thought she liked me because she always laughs at my jokes and she touches me a lot. So I told her I liked her, she gets all wierd says she only wants to be "friends."

    So to all the ladies out there, what's going on? Why are you guys so manipulative?
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    Right. They are evil. :devil:

    No, I'm just kidding. :tongue2: I thought, we are manipulative as well (well, I'm not, but some people are, male or female has nothing to do about it).

    It happens sometime to me too. I confuse frienship and love. :redface: :blush:
    Maybe you were too fast. maybe she was not sure about her feelings yet. If you hurry her, she'll step back :eek: and in that case, she will also pretend she never even considered the possibility. It is very common.
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    Girls are much more touchie-feely than guys are, even with friends. And what a girl might consider just meaningless flirtation, guys might take as a sign of actual interest. Its not that they are manipulative (in this case), its just that we're not on the same wavelength.
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    interesting, i always had the opposite problem with boys in my youth...it would seem the more i ignored guys the more they pursued me and the more flirtatious i became with them, the more they wouldn't pick up a clue...
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    It confuses me as well. I have given up on hints and have asked my girlfriend just to tell me what she wants and not to hint it. :biggrin:

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    Maybe I was more popular with the ladies in high school than I realized!
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    You were too nice to her. You let her become a "friend." That's where your problem is. You have to let her know you are interested in her, as a sexual partner, long before you become close friends. Don't let her make you into a girlfriend, it will never work out for you. Just become a bit more aggressive, but not to the point of scaring her.
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