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Why are some people stupid

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    Far more specifically (title was just to get attention)... Why is it that people exhibit the following behavior...

    You and a friend walk into a store full of vases. You want a specific one and you ask your friend to help. You tell them "I want this vase, its all red but has a green flower on it" and say you specifically want that one. Why is it that they will for some reason, half the time, come up to you with a blue vase with a dog on it and go "is this it?" or "how bout this?"

    Ive been looking for a storefront for my new business and my dad demands to help me look and i tell him "ok, i need a building with a store front, no ifs ands or buts, a storefront is what im looking for, no offices, nothing hidding, STOREFRONT" and half the time he will show me/suggest some place in a back alley or a place thats a professional office or is in a different freaken city.

    What in the world causes this kind of behavior???
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    Maybe he's thinking, "I'll suggest this one because:
    - Maybe Pengwuino, or whatever my child's name is, will like this one even more.
    - If Pengwuino doesn't find what (we'll say you're a he?) he's looking for, he'll have this as a backup.
    - I'm tired of looking- maybe he'll settle for this one instead.
    - I like it.
    - I know what's best.
    Just a guess- I never think such things ;)
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    What causes this? The knowledge that life is about compromises. Your father knows that you may have to make some. And you don't appear to be considering that possibility - unnecessariliy eliminating many opportunities that would otherwise be available.

    I know you've got your mind set on a storefront, but surely there are other factors under consideration. Square footage, neighbourhood, layout, cost. If you found a storfront place where all these 2ndary factors sucked, would you still take it?

    Granted, you have your priority, but what if you never find exactly what you want? You'll end your search empty-handed, have to expand your search with different criteria, and start all over again.


    He is doing this for no other reason than to show you that he cares about helping you. If he's not finding exactly what you need, he will appear to be doing nothing. He is thinking about you.

    Either way, it is no skin off your nose. Don't be an ingrate. Or one day, when he could be helpful, he won't want to be. Cuz you were such a dink about it last time.
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    Daves answer is good, now on to the dog vase... Apologies first to any dog vase owners, but what was your friend thinking? I hate shopping with friends who do that. It puts me in the vague, smile and nod mode, and makes me very uncomfortable. They should be made to wear the dog vase on a chain around there neck for a week!
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    It was jsut an example lol


    I can see where you might be right if the search had been on for weeks and weeks but what im talken about is when this kinda stuff happens immedaitely. We have a city with half a million people in it and this business almost fully relies on people being able to see where it is or else its gonig to fail and immedaitely, he looks at places no one can see and sometimes he even forgets how to get to them.
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    Mm. Then reason B. :biggrin:
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    A message in there somewhere? A subtle suggestion to rethink the business and/or the model behind its usual implementation? He may just be trying to save you the additional losses of the frontage premium you'll be paying to go broke.
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    That would make sense except for one thing i didnt mention. He even agrees that it HAS to be storefront property.

    But im more interested in the overall idea of people doing things like that. When its far more black and white like my vase idea. To add to it to make it far more precise, lets say i wanted the what, red vase with a green flower because i broke a similar one that belonged to a relative and you want to replace it before they notice its gone. And add ot that whatever is needed so that there is no question in your mind that this exact one is what you need and you cant settle for anything else. Why, in that case, do people still seem to bring you completely different things?
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    A few days ago, on a business trip with my boss and another worker (his son, actually), the 3 of us went to lunch together. I suggested we eat at this restaraunt we had eaten dinner at a week ago because it had good food and it was near Office Depot (he didn't bring any office supplies on the trip, but that's another story...). So we go to Office Depot, get what we need, and his son waits in the car. I comment that its not a long walk to the restaraunt, but I guess we can drive. So we get in the car and my boss moves about five spaces to a space closer to another restaraunt in the parking lot - one we hadn't eaten at before and judging from the looks, one we had no desire whatsoever to eat at. I asked what he was doing: for starters, did he really think we were that lazy? Second, we hadn't eaten there before, and third, it looked like a terrible restaraunt. So I reiterated that it was where we had eaten dinner the previous week, said the name, and pointed.

    Oh, but we're not finished: he drives to the end of the row and turns in the wrong direction toward a 3rd restaraunt - one that we had eaten lunch at before but didn't like. By this time, his son is getting irritated and starts making fun of him. I'm just incredulous, but my boss starts getting mad.

    As far as I can tell (I've been working for him for 2.5 years), he's an outstanding engineer. So why does he do such stupid things? Well, it looks to me like because of his intelligence, creativity, and utter lack of attention span, his mind wanders. He'll absorb himself in his thoughts and completely detatch from reality. He has a habit of walking aimlessly while talking on the phone - if he starts talking on the phone while walking to his car from a meeting, his car had better be directly in front of him, otherwise he'll just keep walking straight and not see it.

    To a lesser extent, I do the same thing: if I'm in a small-talk conversation, my mind will start to wander and I sometimes repeat myself. I sometimes repeat myself. :uhh:

    I don't know what your dad's deal was, but to me, an awful lot of the stupid things people do can be attributed to a wandering mind.
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