Why are some people's names orange?

  1. The admins have a dark blue and bolded font, the mods have their green, but who are these orange people? And why can't I get some special color? I bet that'll take some money...
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    Exactly. They keep telling us the color is "gold," but I think it's yellow, and I suppose it's dark enough you might lean toward calling it orange. :rolleyes: It means someone is a contributor (as in pay to keep the site running); we get a gold star too. :biggrin: If you're interested, you can click on "Upgrade Membership" in the menu bar at the top of the page. You get some goodies along with it, like ad-free viewing, ability to add an avatar and signature and photo in your profile (if you want to include one). There's some other perks too, but those seem to be the ones people like best. There's also, of course, the satisfaction of knowing you're contributing to the maintenance of a top-notch site for science education. :approve: I think that's the best reason.
  4. Looks gold to me.
  5. JamesU

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    no, it's definitely orange
  6. ...goldenrod...

    I like to think of mine as Lapis.
  7. wolram

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    I think of mine as gold because it makes me feel warm ,and Greg wont
    have to go around with holes in his shoes, so get some colour in your
    life and feel warm.
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