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Why are teenage boys so disgusting?

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    Really, they randomly shout out things like "penis", for instance.
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    Why are teenage girls so squeamish?
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    i dont know about squeamish, but just about every 13 year old girl i've ever seen has been awkward.
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    Yelling out human genitalia at sporting events is a high school past time.
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    Hmm. Yesterday in the waiting room at my doctor's office, the TV was on "The Jerry Springer Show." Wow, wow, wow. That is a human wasteland.

    But now I know what those folks were like in high school! Those knuckle-draggers (on the show and in the audience) were definitely the same ones who shout out like this, as a pass time!

    Jeez, folks, get a freakin' life.
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    Some people bring their young children and siblings to those sporting events. I wouldn't want my child, who may still be developing his/her compass on what is appropriate in public, to see others exhibiting such behavior.
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    sometimes referring/alluding to the genitalia in action is appropriate in some circumstances
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    what makes genitalia disgusting .. ?
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    I don't know the exact reason for this particular usage. But basically, adolescence is a transition from childhood to adulthood in which alot of changes take place very rapidly, both physical and mental.
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    well, mostly you never know where its been, and they're like mushrooms (usually kept in the dark and some are poisonous)
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    There is of course, which I forgot to mention earlier. The "Penis game" which one person says the word quietly and it builds up from there. I don't have the spheres to get above indoor voice. Kids will be kids. I am sure you were the exact same way as these teenagers when you were a teen. Unless you are a teen and you are complaining about the other teens and my advice to that would be "you are thirteen, you are not an adult. Yell penis as much as you want before it becomes unacceptable to do so"
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    Oh my God! I do that sometimes in the hallway for the hilarity, you probably heard me say that.
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    Judging from the media coverage some find teenage boys quite attractive.
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    I th ink I've even heard you, pinus even
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    Poor parenting, and perhaps exposure to poor behavior of older children or adults or cable TV. Presumably it's for shock value. :rolleyes:

    Rather sad the it seems to be too common.
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    It's hilarious because you think it's immature or disgusting when it's just a word, and a noun at that without a subject or verb.
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    I think this is simply a form of rebellion: teenagers have been taught that sex-related words are inappropriate, even though there's no rational reason why they should be. The forbidden fruit effect is powerful and by no means limited to teenagers.
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    Yeah, I suppose challenging meaningless traditions (especially taboos) has a sort of allure to it, even in my late 20's.
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