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Why are we are getting ramped up over UFOs?

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    So we are getting ramped up over this why?

    Anyone who works with theories that use unproven variables such as other dimensions, the fabric of space, anti-matter particles etc (which most advanced theories do nowadays), should be able to tell you that UFOs are not beyond the realm of possibility, and are in fact, highly probable, given the "billions and billions and billions" (Sorry, had to say that), nature of how small we are in the scheme of things, and odds of life being out there math, that's been done by various folks. According to that, the odds are VERY GREAT that Aliens do exist. Why we would want to meet them, i do not know, given the danger of meeting a race with more technology than us who's intentions, physical toxicity, mental abilities or any other number of characteristics could possibly eradicate all life on the earth. There's no reason to think that we would have anything in common with them, or any physical, mental or spiritual similarities. What good does it do us if an organization as meaningless in the big picture of the universe as a national government confirms or refutes the existence of UFOs?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    This post we moved from the UFO Napster, which is only for links and brief quotes.

    First of all, it is important to realize that at most, if they were here, the alleged ETs would be a subset the UFO phenomenon. Reports of phenomena now known to be real, such as ball lightning, earthlights, gaseous fireballs, sprites and similar phenomena, were once tagged as UFO reports. So even if it were true ET could never possibly visit, UFO reports would still be interesting from a scientific point of view. There are almost certainly other unidentified but earthly phenomena waiting to be properly described by science.

    The military and intelligence reports linked in the Napster are a most critical component of any review of the UFO phenomenon. The point is to provide a balanced view of the subject from both the official and the unofficial domains.

    If ET has been visiting for thousands of years, or if he/she/it showed up tomorrow, I would certainly want to know about.
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