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Why are we nostalgic ?

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    Why is it ?
    I think we can forget everything if we want, right ?
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    I think people forget because they try to keep themselves busy with work so that they don't bother to think of what they have experienced with.

    I know "good or bad old days" is something stored in our memory,why does it disappear when time passes by ?

    A couple with no kid I know about got dirvorced after 5 years of marriage, now he is re-married to another woman and they have a baby boy. But sometimes the man seems unhappy about what he had with his ex-wife especially when he was asked about that.
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    I'd assume it's because the brain makes associations between senses and experiences (which I suppose are senses in a way). I'm not really sure though... not an expert lool. :eek:
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    WAKE UP!
    Nostalgia's only due to faulty memory. Grasp the now and nostalgia fades to insignificance. Insignifcance means no importance. Got it? Go baby!

    Peace and love,
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    Craps - Nostalgic means missing/longing for/fondly remembering something from the past. Seems like you are asking about bad memories.
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