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Why are wives being murdered?

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    Has anyone noticed the strong similarities between the two current murder investigations for Laci Peterson and Lori Hacking? For one, both cases involve the husband as investigator’s primary suspects. Both Scott Peterson and Mark Hacking also have a history of lying to their spouses…with Scott admitting an affair with another woman (Amber Frey) and Mark having lied about his career and schooling for years.

    With so much currently going on with both trials, (such as the judge in the Peterson case putting the trial on hold because of new found evidence, and the investigators in the Hacking murder digging a landfill each day looking for the body of Lori Hacking) I thought to start a discussion group here and see what everyone’s opinions are.

    I also wanted to mentioned that Court TV just announced that Nancy Grace (I love this lady) will be keeping us updated on both trials through a live nightly broadcasts next week, at 8pm each night (Monday – Thursday). For those following either or both cases, this helps us stay one day ahead of what get printed in the newspapers. Perhaps we can use the topics she brings up as sources of discussion here as well.

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    good point, but i hear a lot more about parents murdering their children too...
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    True, but that has a lower market value right now.

    PS : I can't stand Nancy Grace...will someone please teach her to be civil ?
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    There was a good South Park episode loosy based on this. Damn you Mongolians. I pour hot sweet and sour on you. :tongue2:
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    During my recent trip to the wilds of SE PA I was froced to listen to the radio. One of the songs being played by a Phily radio station went something like this:

    That of course is just an approximation. I never heard the artist?. Is this song is a sign of the times?

    Edit: Google is your friend!

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    >That of course is just an approximation. I never heard the artist?. Is this song is a sign of the times?

    A sign and a cause both. They would have us believe that denigrating "sitcoms", movies and other media are only entertaining and do not affect behavior. What rubbish! If their claim was correct then advertising is a waste of money. I am old enough to remember when entertainment was different. Our world was different too. School children bloodied noses, they didn't shoot each other. We didn't lock our doors either.
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    Reminds me of a Yanomamo suggesting that when a man beats his woman it is a sign he cares, for if he cared nothing about the woman there would be no need for him to waste his time and energy correcting her. :uhh: :rolleyes:
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    let's pack the kids and crank up the car now
    i bet that there's nothing like it in moscow
    it's wild wild ride where i met my bride
    i wanna go on again if we've got enough money
    that's where i'm gonna murder my honey

    godzilla will be there to meet you
    so be friendly 'cause he just might eat you
    murder she wrote on the row row boat
    i'm gonna push her right down keep my head above the water
    she won't come back from monster island

    i see them floating down the hall
    ghosts and goblins nine feet tall
    the trap door opens and she falls
    ooh aah...

    monster island monster island
    for a dollar twenty five you can murder your wife
    and have enough left over for a bag of cotton candy
    a shovel could come in handy

    there's a jungle where the coconut tress grow
    and now the lady's crying "dear, please let me go!"
    i've known her for fifteen years
    but now she's lying in a pool of blood
    monster island's got a new mound of mud

    --- The Dickies
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but in some parts of the middle east, some men prescribe to that same philosophy.
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    wife killing is not a new thing, just the latest focus of public scrutiny.
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    But how times have changed.

    When I was about 5 (~1955) a good friend of my dads shot and killed his wife. He went on trial, and ended up spending a few years (Months? I don't recall for sure, it wasn't all that long!) in the State Mental Hospital. Seems that testimony that she was a nag was sufficient to prove no criminality in shooting her! I think in this era he would have spent the rest of his life in prison.
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    There are 2 people in the news who've murdered there wives.

    So what?

    There are tens of thousands of murders anually in the USA alone, I don't see how 2 cases that are getting alot of media attention means that suddenly wives are being killed more often than usual. Perhaps there is a higher rate of husbands killing their wives, but the fact that the media is focusing on it doesn't mean that there is. If the media were a guide to what's really going on in the world, one would be led to believe that Sudan had just started getting bad a few weeks ago, and that there isn't anything particularly atrocious going on anywhere in East Asia or South/Central America at the current point in time.
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    perhaps its not so much about murder of wifes, but more about stupidity spreading, at an ever increasing rate..it could also be the (stupid) men here are just too busy to get a simple divorce.
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    Anyone who thinks that media representation is even close to proportional to reality is a fool at best, and probably a lot worse. THe news media is about ratings and money, not abou making people informed. They go for sensationalism. A ouple years ago fatal shark attacks were ll over the news. I hear my mother commnt one day, "if we were near the beach i sure wouldn't let you kids go in the water". Incidentally there were fewer fatal attacks that year than the year before(yes, she's a fool, at best). Media representation is not something that should be trusted as representative fo anything except the individual case under discussion.
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    jimmy p

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    Yeah, I love that song!! The song "Used to love her" is just supposed to be a joke song loosely based on "Dead Flowers" by the Rolling Stones.
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