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Why are you an engineer?

  1. Nov 15, 2009 #1
    have any of you become engineers just because that just happened to be the most practical choice your first undergrad year?

    i am just wondering if most engineers became so because they always wanted to since they could remember versus the ones who decided they wanted to be engineers during university.

    i noticed this forum is mainly mechanical engineers sharing info. i appreciate anything you all could share on your choices of becoming physicists or engineers.
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    I've known I was going to be an engineer since before I knew what an engineer was. I originally wanted to be an aerospace engineer (and started off as one in college) but ended up as a mechanical engineer.
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    i am glad to hear from people with experience working in this field about the choices they made however long ago to become an engineer and how they feel about that choice today.
    it kind of helps me find my place and see if i am making my decisions about my future correctly.

    i never thought i could complete a degree in engineering but after these 2 years of school i feel like it is what i want to do.
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    thanks, i should have searched thoroughly. i think this thread will help me a lot.
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