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Why are you corrupted or not corrupted?

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    Why are you not corrupted?

    Corruption could bring you easier power and money! Bill Gates is much more intelligent and much more educated than you. Is he trying to save the poor people? No way! The people who are trying to save the poor people can be as intelligent and educated as Bill Gates, but do they have the same power and money? No way! Is that coincidence???
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    omg! lol! the answer is contained in the question!
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    I don’t get it, are you implying that all rich people are corrupt, or people only get to riches by corruption, Or somehow people with material wealth tend to be less compassionate?
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    Have you heard of the Bill&Melinda(?) Gates fund?
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    i recall bill has donated billions and is planning to donate even more in the mere future.
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    I mean that majority of the rich people are corrupted and that the majority of powerful people are corrupted too. Can you tell me why?
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    True. The Bill & Melinda Gates fund sponsors several scholarships for high school students (which are very long btw, 22 pages and 8 essays).

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    Does not make him a nice guy. Charitable. Still the enemy.
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    Billy donating a billion is like me donating a dollar. It's pathetic.
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    Not really, his billion is capcble of being quite effective. Its a piddly portion of his wealth, sure, but its not really like you donating a dollar.

    No, he's the enemy for his business practices and crap product.
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    Put yourself in his position for a minute. Are you telling me that, as a founder of a company, you wouldn't do whatever you could to make your company profitable and successful? Point out a situation where Gates or MS has broken the laws of any country in their business pracitces. Is he a nice guy? Not when it comes to running his business. But that's how it shoud be.
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    The problem is, society has a habit of targetting people who have made a success of themselves. It's just envy. The fact of the matter is that Bill Gates has developed his own, successful business. Whether his products are sound or not is out of the question, they sell, and his business works. Good on him, I say, it takes a lot of balls to be an entrepreneur.
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    You need to pick a better example. Bill Gates donates more money to charity than anyone in the world.

    Does he donate a larger percentage of his wealth to charity than anyone else? Don't know, but I kind of doubt it. I doubt the charities helped by his money really care.

    However, you do have a point.

    Intelligent, educated people who devote their time to helping the poor rarely have much power or money. They're too busy to make money. They have to spend their time selling their cause to those that do have the money to help. Then they have to spend their time turning that money into something that will help the poor and distributing it.

    Intelligent, educated people who devote their time to money making enterprises are much more likely to have money. It's just as time consuming, but the end users give you money instead of thanks.

    It's not coincidence. It's not even a surprising fact. You're most likely to be successful at things you actually devote time and effort to doing. But I wouldn't categorize it as corruption, either - although many businessmen are pretty cut-throat competitors, some corruptly so. An obsession with winning is a positive trait for business people, as long as they keep it legal.

    In fact, an obsession with winning is a more common trait among successful businessmen than greed. Which is why so many people who experience success on the level of Bill Gates wind up donating so much of their money to charities. A lot are charitable people outside of a competitive environment. Plus, it puts the stamp of their victory on the world around them (for the more cynical among you).
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    We should be applauding him. He's the computer geek who made it in a world full of the schmoozing, charismatic, popular kids who went to business school! I complain about his product, and call him evil when I run into trouble with his products, but I think he's actually a successful geek with a good heart...just not when it comes to business. Then again, there are a LOT of people who get a paycheck and support their families because of his business practices, which wouldn't happen if he was a bad businessman.

    His charities do great things. And he doesn't just write checks for charity, he has actually travelled to 3rd world countries to see conditions for himself and to find out what they really need. It's not just about giving free computers to schools. Another noteable thing his charity does is provide AIDS prevention education and assistance to countries facing the worst of the AIDS epidemic.
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    Don't fool yourself too much about old Bill. It was his incredible business savvy that propelled him to fame and fortune, not his skill as a programmer. I agree with the sentiment though. It's always good to run into one of those 'cool' kids from high school detailing cars at the carwash.

    I think the mistake some people are making here is assuming all rich people are corrupt. I think that's bull! Being rich doesn't make you corrupt, it just gives you more opportunities to become corrupt. If you deal fairly with other people, you're not corrupt, no matter how much money you have.
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    Have you heard of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation? since I'm asking you probably haven't. Bill has contributed billions and has done a lot for some poor impoverished kid. One example is the recent vaccination for a thousand kids.
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