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Why are you here?

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    At first I had some questions about dark matter and black holes, so I found here and then I thought it's a very cool website, so I've stayed here to spoil it! :tongue2:

    What about you?
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    I'm not sure how I found out about this site. It was quite long ago (especially in computer years). Anyway, I thought that there are just really alot of people who visit this site, and there is always an interesting topic to read and also alot of people asking for help. This reminds me of my own days struggling in highschool and 1st year college, so I can't resist but to help. It's always nice to help someone else learn about what you love so dearly. Kind of like how football fans love talking about their team. So in my spare time, I forum ^_^
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    I was rather bored on rainy day back in march 2003 and decided i would come here for a laugh.

    Only problem is i have never been able to get away from here.

    oh and i had some crazy question about ducks quack and whether it echo's or not???
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    I was searching google for "hot nude science chicks" and somehow found PF.
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    I can't quite remember how I found it but I'm sure it was through Google. :rofl:
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    But I am not here .. .. .. .. .. not there either .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

    Oh When will turtle be back, those park benches are so hard on my back, unlike turles back, that is so comfortable, he is so special and he thinks he is carrieing the entire world upon his Back, when he carries me .. .. .. .. .. when will he be Back?? Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
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    Tom Mattson

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    In 2002 I was trying to expand my library cheaply by finding free e-books all over the internet. In the course of my Googling I found Physics Forums, and I thought, "Hey, why don't I enlist some help in this endeavor?" So, I posted my now world-famous (:rolleyes:) Physics Napster thread. At the time I had no intention of sticking around or doing anything with PF other than using that thread to find what I wanted, but before I knew it I had several hundred posts and a PF Mentorship. And the rest, as they say, is history.
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    My poor mate, are you in right place? :uhh:
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    To make people aware that i will become the king-equivelant in science in later years and thus to be at awe to me.
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    Well, i was looking for information about some classical mechanics topics, i saw a few threads in the homework section, and i decided to step in and help out, and in the process i ended being helped too! (i've learnt plenty in this forum), so i stayed :approve:
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    The question is how Greg came up with the great idea of PF! :rolleyes:

    Now I got what you meant!
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    I followed the trail of crumbs from kaku.org when it got to be like a bunch of 15 year olds battling about who was "kewler" or could kick whos bu-tocks (say it like Forrest).
    Yeah Greg, I've never heard that one, spill it.
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    Perhaps that's a story we'll hear sometime. :)
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    I'm just here for the free pizza. Umm, I mean to learn..
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    I was hacking into moonbear's computer when I found PF: PhysicsForums about 500 times on her history list :rolleyes:
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    And the reason is clear, it's because you are here! :smile:

    P.S. This being the year of physics, I had resolved to learn more about relativity.
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    Welcome back, EnumaElish! :smile:

    Any other site? :tongue2:
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    just one:

    Thread Killer Champoins: Physicsforums.com
  20. Oct 10, 2005 #19
    Me too!

    Actually, I was having a nice discussion on cooling computers at another site and I got into an arguement with someone on the physics of heat transfer.

    He posted our argument here and dared me to come and view the responses. I did. I told him I liked the site a lot and he said, he thought I would that's why he dared me to come and look.

    So you can either thank or blame Boulderhead for me being here. Personally, I thank him for showing me the site. Great place.
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    I miss Boulderhead.
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