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News Why are you voting for John Kerry?

  1. Oct 22, 2004 #1
    I'd like to know why people here are voting for John Kerry this election. Try to list three reasons for it. I'm not going to criticise or start some flaming debate over the reasons. I just want to know your reasons.
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    In the last 4 years I have lost faith in humanity, at least Kerry makes sense and looks presidential.
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    1. not Bush
    2. not Bush
    3. Oh, ya.. and he's not Bush

    Let's face it- if Kerry win's it's not because he's an awesome candidate. He's well spoken, but he waivers on some key issues, trying to stay MOTR, which is why he's seen as flip flopping. Like so many, I will vote Kerry because I don't like choice A. In fact, I'd vote Nader or practically anything else out there before I'd vote Bush. I think that's the sentiment of the majority of Kerry supporters- or at least a good percentage of them. And I think that's what it basically comes down to. I mean, you see hardcore republicans going "well man I want to go Bush but he went to far"
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    I'd rather like the US to stay on top of the world economy. I enjoy my comfy life of rich excess, military safety, and so on. In that sense, you'd think I'd vote Republican. However, I liken Bush to a bully on a playground. You can only play world police so long before the rest of the world gets tired of it and, together, bring you down. The only reason we enjoy our position as top dog is because we have always had the cooperation of other nations.

    We are losing allies under this administration. Much of the work that has gone on in building relationships with other countries, establishing a realistic and functional UN, drafting treaties to slow pollution, etc. has been effectively undone by Bush. While I don't particularly care if the citizens of other countries "like" us or not, I do care whether or not they are our political allies.

    I would like to see a president with a little less hostile, frightening foreign policy.

    In addition, Bush has already shown his inexcusable incompetence in managing the US economy. He has turned one of the largest surpluses in history into the largest deficit in history. His administration is the first since the great depression to see a loss of American jobs.

    And, to top it all off, he scoffs at the constitution and repeatedly channels the Christian God repeatedly in all of his speeches. I find this distasteful and totally unconscionable. I do not agree with any of his "faith-based" initiatives, and do not believe faith should have any role whatsoever in a president's policies that affect all Americans, not just those with similar faith.

    In short, I am unhappy with pretty much everything Bush has done in his four lousy years. I think Kerry speaks well, makes a number of good points, and seems to have a more logical, wiser, and more reserved opinion about all of Bush's hot-button topics. I respect him for saying that he does not feel that he can legislate his beliefs upon others who do not share them. I respect him for saying that the war on terror has been an abject failure. I don't expect that Kerry will go down in history as one of the best American presidents, but, in my eyes, there's no way he could possibly do more harm than Bush.

    - Warren
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    One thing in politics is that what is supposed to be, many times is not. I mean, many people thinks that you are X, if you vote Y.
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    1. He'll finish the war in Iraq on better international footing.
    2. More pro-science.
    3. Better environmental policies.
    4. Non-evangelical.
    5. More presidential.

    FWIW, Kerry may be less fiscally conservative than I'd like, but I think the pros outweight the cons.

    Also, as a former resident of Mass., I once wrote to Kerry about the space program. Although the response I got back was not what I hoped, it was prompt & well thought out.
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    What Zantra and Chroot said echos my sentiments EXACTLY! :biggrin:

    I'm also very concerned about having an extreme fundamentalist Christian in office fighting a war with extreme fundamentalist Muslims. The outcome of this could be absolutely disasterous. I think this situation could use a little 'diffusing' and I think Kerry is diplomatic enough to be able to do that. Let's face it. Bush's idea of diplomacy sucks. Kerry's diplomacy will also help in improving the negative world opinion of the US that Bush has created with the poor handling of his 'War on Terror' and his 'we're gonna kick some BUTT' tactics.
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    he's sane....................while bush is not :rofl:
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    Primary reason is incompetence or intentional deception by the Bush administration. You can't blow the pre-war assessment as badly as the Bush gang did and still have credibility as being capable of solving the problem they started. While I'm a little unsure of how successful Kerry will be with Iraq, he can't do worse than Bush has.

    Second is related to the first. Watch the infighting. Ex-government officials comments (Bremer, etc.), anonymous comments from CIA members, a suddenly totally bleak picture painted by intel groups, comments 'authorized by the Pentagon on condition of anonymity' (I didn't even know that category existed). Lot's of insiders would like to see Bush gone, reducing the chances he can be very successful at any policy. I haven't seen a presidential administration so frayed at the seams since the late days of Nixon.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Kerry and I agree on about as much as we disagree. All in all, I find his position on most things to be at least respectable if not acceptable, and occasionally even inspired. He is patriotic, intelligent, a skilled diplomat, and clearly dedicated. Most importantly, he is our only option to Bush.

    Bush is dangerous; sometimes even terrifying. He is surrounded by Nixon's good ole boys - the masters of deception - Cheney and Rummy. They led this country into war under false pretenses and did immeasurable damage to our reputation abroad. They did this while turning a blind eye to the true terrorist and threats to our national security. Through his divine vision, Bush unwittingly serves the interests of those with only the most heartless of motives; profit at any cost.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Oh yes, as for being a strong leader who will defend this country, Kerry volunteered to serve in vietnam. He took fire and gained his medals. Bush showed up once in a while in Alabama, or at the dentist, or something.

    Who considers soldiers who volunteered to be and are in Iraq today, wimps?

    Kerry has shown himself to be a strong leader while Bush got his teeth fixed.
  13. Oct 23, 2004 #12
    To be honest I wish there was a better option, but unfortunately we live in a so call “democracy” which in reality is nothing but a binary system of ruler ship controlled by very few on the expense of many!

    But at least he does not sound retarded.........
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  14. Oct 23, 2004 #13
    It must be because of all his "strategery" :cool:
  15. Oct 23, 2004 #14
    I'd like to add that this country has becoming frighteningly divided under Bush, clearly by intention.
  16. Oct 23, 2004 #15
    Kerry supports therapeutic embrionic stem cell research. I don't want to see Bush slam the door on this prospect.
  17. Oct 24, 2004 #16
    (Find my counter-post for Bush in the Why are you voting for Bush thread)

    Pro-Kerry Reasoning:
    1. Might do better in post-war Iraq than Bush.
    2. Division of Church & State (gay marriage amendment)
    3. Stagnant Government is good for the stock market.*

    *Stagnant - Democrat President and Republican dominated Congress.

    Anti-Bush Reasoning:
    1. Medical saving accounts won't help lower-middle class and poor.
    2. Relgious belief should not run our government.
    3. Debt will eventually crash out economy.
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