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News Why aren't any of the two major candidates addressing our monetary policy

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    I am not an expert on the monetary policy of the US , but I think they should addressed the problem with the US Dollar , and maybe talk about replacing the Dollar currency with Gold currency since throughout history the value of gold has relatively stayed constant through time. It is a pretty important topic since many economists are saying the main reason why prices are rising in goods is because of inflation , and the mechanism that is triggering inflation is the Federal Reserve printing money out of thin air. The federal reserve, a a group private banks prints, and distributes paper money , and issues stocks and bonds. We as citizens pay the Federal Reserve charges the US government with interest everytime they print money for us. The Federal Reserve can inflate money on demand. The reason why I won't vote for any of these candidates is because they want to increase the government spending , even though we have a 2 trillion dollar deficit to pay off and according to many economists, the value of the US Dollar would severely weaken and harmed the middle class the most in this country since there incomes are relatively stable compared to the fluctuations of the price of goods and services.

    I don't know much about the monetary policy, I have a basic understanding of our monetary policy. I know enough about are monetary system to see that there are problems with our current monetary system and the two candidates running for president should identify and addressed some of the problems with are current monetary policy.

    Why did Roosevelt in the 1930's asked the US citizens to hand in their gold to the US government?

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    JMHO, One reason may be if Obama suggests a solution that is viable, McCain would like say he came up with it first and claim Obama stole it from him.

    Actually the FED dosen't print the money the US Mint (which is overseen the Treasury) does. And the problem isn't so much the volume of the M2 supply but the confidence in the securities (and firms) that back this credit. Greed IMHO, has seen an over abundance of float created to increase profits shown/reflected in many bottom lines. Gold and other precious commodities use to be the basis for the generation of float. However, banks and other finacial institutions started creating float with instruments that were in the end only promises with little substance. Those instruments may have worked if TOP EXECS didn't pull out the values of their companies without supporting what they took. agin, JMO.
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