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Why Bohm quantum mechanics is not true?

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    Why Bohm quantum mechanics is not true?....

    that is my question..why is not true and physicist take it into account to solve problems?..why is not valid...what are the errors?..why is not equivalent to the ortodox ..quantum mechanics?.

    and if it is not valid...why are works about it published in physical magazines...why are books speaking about it?..(in fact anyone would not care speaking about something that everybody knows is false)..i have this doubt..
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    Uppps. You mean Bohmian "pilot waves", do you?

    I understand that when it comes to calculations, it is exactly as the Schroedinger-DeBroglie quantum mechanics. So only a question of interpretation. A pilot wave implies a kind of non-locality.
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    One issue that gets raised in objection to Bohmian mechanics is that there's no analogue comparable to quantum field theory as of yet - that is, no one has managed to integrate special relativity with Bohmian mechanics (at least, last I bothered to check). There are of course other objections, including some which are more philosophical in nature, but the one I mentioned is probably the most practical in nature.
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    Re: Why Bohm quantum mechanics is not true?....

    Bohm's work (non-local hidden variable interpretation of QM) is taken seriously. Unfortunately, it suffers from 2 problems:

    a) It made no new testable predictions different than the QM it was intended to "overlap".
    b) It requires non-locality - violation of Einstein's c - causing it to lose favor in some camps.
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