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Why can photonic crystals be used to create a super lens?

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    Firstly, sorry if this doesn't go here please feel free to move it as I was a little confused where to put it.

    TL:DR Doing a project question interests me, "Why can photonic crystals be used to create a super lens?"

    Okay so I am doing an undergraduate project for my honours year that I find very interesting it is theoretical maths based project. Assuming a one dimensional binary or ternary photonic crystal that has periodic dielectric layers with no charge or current, you get omnidirectional "band gaps" where the crystal transmits(or refracts) nothing and reflects everything, so this can be used as an application anywhere that needs light manipulation. I am doing this for one dimensional photonic crystals but you can create 2D and 3D ones as well.

    I was looking into applications though and came across a "Super Lens" where using PC you can see the near field wave and therefore a lot more detail than what we are limited to by the wave length of light and the far field.

    Can anyone explain how this application would be done?

    Thank you.
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