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Why can't I find a good book?

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    Are there any good mechanics books out there for a first year physics student? My text book(serway physics for engineers and scientists) is ok but a bit lacking in some places. I have bought alot of books but it seems they either fall into one of two categories. They either are all problems with little emphases on "why" or explains all the "whys" in almost too much detail and doesn't actually do any problems. I want a textbook type book that will adequately cover all the whys but ALSO have problems to supplement it. Newtons laws are SO simple and yet application can be quite frustrating. I just want to know if anyone knows of any goods physics books that will actually help me understand physics and be able to apply them properly in standard problems.
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    Here's my stump speech : buy Resnick & Halliday; you won't regret it.
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    That would be a very good choice!
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