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Why cant i post in the theory development forum?

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    i would like to post my theory of how the 3rd principle may fail on spirals in order of somebody with more knowledge than me take it away farther or prove me wrong

    when i try to post to the theory development a mesage appears saying i have not enough privileges

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    We have closed the Theory Development forum to public posting because we not have the time or energy to engage in endless argument about the many misconceptions of people with marginal to no knowledge of Physics.
    If you wish to find the errors concerning your theory you will would be well served to first learn the applicable physics from a text book. Then post questions here concerning your understanding of the accepted theory.
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    Is this person under the impression that ending up in the TD section is a ..... er.... "good" thing?

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    Apparently he doesn't want to end up,but to start up...

    Denying the 3-rd principle of dynamics is a good start...

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    Porn stars?
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