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Why can't I study ?

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    Why can't I study!!??

    ;(. Guys please give me ALL tips, help and advice possible. I've already gotten into college but I just need to pass all my test and pass every class so I don't get rescinded. But the problem is, I can't seem to sit down, focus and study. What is wrong with me!!??? I don't hate studying. In fact I like it. If I could, I'd spend my time just studying, working out, practicing the piano, reading books, practicing religion and brushing my hair. Forget girls and a social life who needs it now? I don't hate studying. I know that for math you have to practice problems until you understand. But I can't seem to sit and study. I'm I afriad?? What's the matter with me?? I'm scared going into college. I gotta kick this habit quick quick. Guys please help. Is this even normal?? This is really messing up my academic life. I spend all my time all day on useless things 'cept for what's really beneficial and important. Guys please help me. Please. I'm really desperate. What do I do??? Is there a way to trick the brain?? ;( ;(. I need help. I feel like such a wierdo. ;(. There are so many kids out there in parts of the world who can't get a chance at an education. I get a chance and I'm being such a jerk with it. I feel bad. I don't want to dissapoint my parents, my family, my country and most importantly I don't want to be a failure in life. Even if I'm not naturally bright and I have to study for days to get a 4.0, a 100 I'm willing. Guys help me please.
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    Re: Why can't I study!!??

    One thing that always helped me was to get into a schedule and don't deviate from it. Part of that schedule is finding a place - a specific room or area of the library. Go to that same place every time. I even would have the same lunch on study days. It's all to get you settled and in the right frame of mind to focus.

    So I'd recommend setting a study schedule. Try it, for example, tomorrow. Make up a schedule and stick with it. The first thing should be a good work out; you sound a bit tense and that might help you feel calm.
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    Re: Why can't I study!!??

    It sounds like you are placing a lot of pressure on yourself.

    Of course it's normal to sit and struggle with the dedication to sit and study. I think everyone does - especially while you're young and in university and there are a million other things going on that are more interesting than textbook problems. It doesn't help that you have video games, social networking sites, television, movies, etc. all vying for your attention.

    First of all - you can give yourself permission take a break. As you've mentioned - working out, playing the piano, reading can all help. Even going out to a party with girls once in a while can be a healthy thing.

    The next thing is to look at how you study, and what you are doing that's keeping you from studying. Where does your mind wander to? Are you trying to read dry textbook material by brute force, or are you actively engaging yourself with problems that you find interesting? Do you work alone, or have you tried studying in a group?

    What environment are you in? Some people do best alone in a dark room with ear plugs in. Others love to sit in cafes and listen to other people's conversations as they work away. Or are you a library person? It really helps to figure this out.

    At the risk of dating myself, I used to have a few mixed tapes that I would listen to while studying and the music really got my mind into studying mode.
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    Re: Why can't I study!!??

    I suffer from the same problem. I love to learn. But sometimes I just... sigh... I don't even know.

    Maybe more motivation?
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    Re: Why can't I study!!??

    I ran into a similar problem where I would study only when I felt "ready" to absorb 100% of the stuff I would be learning and this made me extremely anxious. I find it hard to study at home, but at the school library I'm less distracted(and more confident about learning) and thus more efficient. Based on my personal experience, I'd say that you should pretend the school library is your second home.
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    Re: Why can't I study!!??

    It's a pretty difficult problem. I suffer from it a lot... it's a personality thing, but it's completely normal for a lot of people, so you shouldn't feel weird or embarrassed or anything. I would recommend reading "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance", as he talks a little bit about these things. Basically, one thing is that you have to keep a close check on your level of frustration. If you start getting frustrated, you need to take a break and go away from things. Problem solving can get frustrating so it's important to moderate yourself.

    Secondly, you ask yourself "are there any tricks?" Yes, I think it's all about the tricks, and I'm being completely serious. You have to find the irrational or rational tricks that make it work for you. One thing I find useful is to do things that are intellectual or helpful in other ways. For example, if I don't feel like doing some physics, instead maybe I start reading philosophy or doing math instead. Then that tends to be better for my morale then just not doing anything at all.
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    Re: Why can't I study!!??


    Firstly don't worry, alot of people feel the same. The good thing is that you sound like you do want to be studying :D

    Why not say to yourself, tomorrow I'm gonna do an hour of maths revision(or whatever). Make sure that you have used the toilet/eaten got a drink etc before you start so your not too distracted ;) And just do some questions or whatever for an hour. I am sure that afterwards you'll feel on top of the world, because you've done something positive towards your education :)

    A problem I have is that I often say to myself 'its not worth revising now, dinner will be ready in 10 minutes, I should wait till later' but recently I've started doing revision in these little chunks of otherwise wasted time, and it all adds up.

    Just remember that any study is better than no study, and don't be too hard on your self. I'm sure once you get the positive feeling after studying a few times you'll find it easier :)
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    Re: Why can't I study!!??

    Go to the library and sit right in the middle where everyone can see you - its much easier to force yourself to study when you know people are looking. worked for me!
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    Re: Why can't I study!!??

    wow! seems too many face the same issue. i agree with all of your advices, they are true at many times and at many levels. i had this problem when i was in college, preparing for an entrance test, i overcame it myself, do not remember how i did it though. Now, i am facing it once again, wandering everywhere to find an answer to this mystery. I think you should start studying something that would make you enthusiastiv, because, at many points i have felt i am not being an enthusiast. for instance, don't go for solving hard math problems, instead, try solving problems those are challenging at the same time interesting, puzzle stuffs perhaps.

    i'm not sure if that's a great advice, but i just wanted to thank you for asking this question!!
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    Re: Why can't I study!!??

    I have the same problem. The advice I would give is that all people study differently. Some like to sit down without any distractions in a library for a few hours. That doesn't work for me. I usually study in small chunks (15 minutes here, 0.5 an hour there) and I can never sit and study for more than 1 hour. I've also found that chewing gum when I study helps me concentrate. I would suggest trying different ways of studying and seeing which one works for you.
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    Re: Why can't I study!!??

    The best thing is to find a place with little to no distractions, but if you're like me you'll create your own distractions.

    Thats why I have fun choosing my distractions, which in my case is music. I'll look for new music that I can listen to while studying and that new music gets me excited. Of course music doesn't work for all things. Hard to listen to music while reading for example.

    Take breaks, but don't take too many. I used to make a schedule where I would study a bit then take a break and rinse and repeat. What happens is that I get into the breaks more than the study and forgo the study all together after a couple of cycles.

    Set a goal, i.e. I'm going to read this one chapter and do all the problems. Follow it perfectly and then reward yourself with a break or something if you do it.

    Lastly I usually do long term rewards for myself. Like if can make an A in the class I will buy myself a new part for my car or something. I've also made bets with my friends on who can get the higher grade or GPA. Keeps us both motivated if the bet is high enough.

    These are just things I try and do for myself, although I'm in more or less the same situation like you most the time.
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    Re: Why can't I study!!??

    I highly don't recomend that you neglect social life or women.
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