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Why did Mexico free itself from Spain?

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    Hey, I am doing a history project, and I want to know why Mexico wanted independence from Spain. Any specific details? Thanks in advance.
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    http://members.aol.com/MrDonnUnits/ColonialMexico.html [Broken]
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Should we be doing this ? :eek: Doesn't this belong in HH ?
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    Well i wrote an extended essay on why mexico could not achieve democracy (and still hasn't) but i'm really rather too drunk to answer. Grey Goose Vodka is great stuff. Really.
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    always helpfull eh Franz?
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    I gotta second you on the Grey Goose. Ever tried Van Gogh? The only vodka I'd ever tasted reminded me of rubbing alcohol, awful stuff. I didn't realize there was a difference, and assumed everything tasted like Smirnoff. Then the guy I work with bought me a Grey Goose on the rocks and it was absolutely amazing. I had no idea vodka could be so smooth and taste so good.

    I have a theory about Mexico, but it probably doesn't help any. I am of the opinion that Mexico will never be powerful nation for one simple reason: the siesta. Those naps in the afternoon are killing them, get back to work after lunch and do something productive.
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    It was the weekend. If there is no class the next day, assume i'm drunk. I make everyone else i know look like prudes when it comes to alcohol.

    Yeah, grey goose straight is good, take a small chaser, something sweet, and it goes down like water. Very good stuff. Smirnoff Triple distilled is antiseptic though. Their raspberry is survivable, but still not great. But grey goose, and Chopin too, good good stuff.
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    "The flow of wealth out of New Spain to Spain"

    Ya. I don't know how much this wealth was, but at least they now know how to write and read because we went there.
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