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Why did the headless chicken cross the road?

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    Or rather, how?

    I saw my cousin kill a chicken once. Both the body and the head kept moving for several minutes.

    Can a human move without a head, at least a little? Nah, don't answer, I'd rather watch than listen. Any volunteers?

    Another question: why do bees leave their stings in the skin and die? If they "want" to increase the pain, isn't just using more poison better?

    (Note to all you bees out there: I rejoice when you die.:devil:)
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    Not sure about the chicken thing.

    About the bees, it's not a choice of theirs that their stinger comes off when they sting and that it doens't stay on and more poison isn't used. They've never stung anything before, and it's just an instinct, one that kills them. Only certain types of bees loose their stingers, other bees, and all wasps retain their stingers when they sting. I guess kamikazi attacks were just sucessful enough to keep the bee specie going in which they loose their stingers.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    When you think about it, given a threat to our territory and the need for self sacrifice in order to preserve the colony, human behavior is not too far removed from that of the lowly bee. We too, at least the bravest among us, may act without thinking in ways that will certainly result in our deaths. Maybe bees are very brave! Okay, maybe not. :biggrin:

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    Bees are brave without knowing it (so may, therefore, not be brave) as they may not have the ability to consider/doubt their actions.
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