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Why didn't anyone tell me?

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    short strands of DNA that bind to 4 varieties of messenger RNA specific to a certain cancer, then analyze if they are abnormally active if they are then a theraputic piece of DNA is released that binds to the cancer and suppreses it.
    I just got the new Scientific American, it's more bio than I usually care for but gotta admit that is pretty cool.
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    I'm not quite sure from what you've written, but was the article about siRNA, or short interferring RNA? It's all the rage right now. That's something I want to start playing with.

    Who did the work? I don't subscribe to Sci Am, but can look up the original articles they are discussing. It must have been a great issue for biology. WasteofO2 was posting about some other stuff on viruses in the recent issue.
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