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Why DNA alone?

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    Hi All

    Why DNA molecules alone replicates itself were does self property of ( memory ) to replicate comes from ? why not other macro moloecules like proteins ( expect pirons :biggrin: ) dont replicate like DNA :confused:
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    DNA does not replicate itself, it needs proteins (enzyme) and RNA. Proteins are excellent catalysts, but fail to catalyze processes complex enough to recreate themselves, individually. RNA is capable of both catalysis and self-replication.
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    why not applicable to simple micro molecules


    why not a simple benzene molecule can be catalysed and replicated why DNA /RNA alone have such property
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    Because DNA is like a zipper, two molecules through electrostatic interaction are able to fit perfectly into each other.. this property is used for the replication, you're building a new molecule from a template like lego.
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