Why do bedouins wear black robes?

  1. google finds some explanations (see quoted text below).
    i wonder, if the explanations are true, why the dress code in saudi arabia is white!?

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    There are those of us who think 98.6 is an intolerable temperature. However, if you are out on the desert and the air temperature is over 100, you might be very happy to hold 98.6 degrees (body heat) against your skin as a barrier against the higher temperature air.

    My father spent much of World War II in the battery compartment of a submarine. He said that the important thing was DON'T MOVE so you didn't disturb the layer of air over your skin where the temperature was ONLY 98.6!
  4. skin as a barrier against the hot air

    do there exist any experiments about this topic (or about a cooling-technique that uses a black surface)?
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