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Why do citric acids increase your bodys alkalinity?

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    I was reading through a physiology book and it stated that oranges and other citric fruits actually increase the alkalinity of your body, even though they're acidic themselves.

    Does anyone have an explanation for this?

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    Carque says: "The combined organic acids or salts consumed in food are generally changed in the body into alkaline carbonates, thereby increasing the alkalinity of the blood and secretions. The uncombined acids either form alkaline carbonates, or are oxidized into carbon dioxide and water."

    The terminal product of the combustion, the acid radical of calcium salts of combustible organic acids, is carbonic acid and is excreted through the lungs and requires no bases to assist in its excretion. The entire calcium content of the salt remains at the free disposal of the body as a base. The same is true of the potassium, sodium and magnesium contained in the salts.

    Blatherwick and Long found that drinking even large quantities of orange juice always results in producing an alkaline urine. They say: "It was impossible to over-reach the organism's ability to oxidize the contained citric acid," even though the. amount drunk was the equivalent of twenty-four large oranges eaten daily.
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