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Why do dogs chase their tails?

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    Why do they do that? Sometimes, they go round and round, after their tail. Beats me.
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    jimmy p

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    My cat chases his tail. And has mad half hours where he runs around the house chasing nothing while making "prump" noises....from his throat (not his bum). Then again all of my cats are insane... Another is fat, one is a retard, and the 4th enjoys flying around on the scratching post!

    Dogs are just stupid....cats are eccentric, i would assume they chase there tail cos they are bored and want to catch it. If i had a tail i would want to chase it...
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    Yea me too, i would love to chase my tail, would keep me fit.
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    Because it's itchy
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    hehe. you guys must be bored. i must be really bored: see http://www.selkirkvet.com/behaviour_dogs.htm#a9 [Broken] and search for "chase" to get to the paragraph.
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    My dog chases his tail compulsivly, often for about one minute straight. Then again, he also likes to race around the ottoman nascar-style.
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