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Why do fingers stick to ice

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    I was taking out a steel jug from the freezer and my fingers really stuck to the outside of the jug. It's not the first time this has happened. Door knobs stick too. I know someone who got his tongue stuck on metal post. Some times ice cubes stick too. They have a snowy layer when they do. I am not sure if its always like that.
    But I never really thought about why they stick.
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    Likely a bit of moisture on the unfrozen object suddenly freezes from contact with the frozen object....like a drop of water landing on a frozen object.....if the frozen object is cold enough it will freeze the moisture....but if the frozen object at at exactly 32 degrees F, the added moisture might melt a tiny portion of the frozen object instead.
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    My guess... the moisture of your skin freezes and bonds with the frozen moisture layer of the item.

    Opps. Naty1 beat me to it :)
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    Great. That would explain why the tongue would stick harder.
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