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Why do humans have guilt?

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    why should we (humans) have guilt? , why should some of us feel gulity over small matters why big stuff (war) we don't , does guilt come from us or from socity laws and rules? should guilt be renamed into something else , has guilt in some people been looked over , why guilt?
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    Guilt is simply just feeling remorse for something you wished could have been done differently some that you feel was wrong. Now if we see the key words we can find out what causes guilt. Now guilt wouldn't exist if we didn't have concept of right and wrong. All depending on your values would have different results to what you feel guilty about. Most people tend to worry more about what's going on in their home or community to even think about the world and the wars, so feeling guilty about the war should only happen to those who feel they should be involved. But guilt is no way a good thing in general but people can learn from it. But if one decides to forgive them self for ones mistake then guilt is not needed. You can always acknowledge your wrong doings and choose not to make the same mistake.
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    Guilt seems to be the side effect of the capability to feel triumph. A false victory then gives guilt, which reinforces the message not to do it again, for the good of society at large.
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    I wonder if guilt isn't a natural law. For that matter feelings in general. Can we exist outside them? Maybe, but why would we. I'm not saying I enjoy all feelings. But, I am starting to enjoy the challenges they offering me now that I am less afraid of them. I'm starting to view my body and it's functions as the most amazing laboratory. It seems as though the mind is the last great challenge for me.
    "Experience the Experience" Neale Donald Walsch

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    I agree with you hamlet. There really isn't much of a point in caring about the past in the first place since there is nothing to do about it anymore. (or should i say yet?) Unless it's to learn from your mistakes. It could be that guilt is just us feeling ashamed for not realizing something sooner.
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