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Why do I always feel sleepy?

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    Over the past few months, I've been fine but from around November I have been feeling sleepy any given time of the day. I first had this problem in August when I started staying up late to study (~12am) but I got used to that in few days. After that I've never had that problem uptil now. Only other difference in my schedule is that from November onwards, I haven't played outside very much or gone outside at all. I have no activity altogether apart from studying. I get 7 hours of sleep daily. Why am I always falling asleep?
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    Vanadium 50

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    You should see a medical doctor to diagnose a medical condition. No medical doctor will diagnose you without looking at you, so you shouldn't expect a bunch of people on the internet to do what a trained physician can't!
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    maybe you're a bear and need to hibernate? i dunno, some people get seasonal affective disorder, tho.
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    If its mere sleepiness he can probably try a few possible remedies first before consulting a physician. Most likely a doctor is not going to encourage someone to get tests done just because they feel sleepy unless the condition is extremely severe or is persistent and does not respond to any normal means of counteracting it. I should hope one wouldn't anyway.

    That said, its quite possible that your lack of activity is what is causing this. You may also want to consider what your diet has been like and if that may have a role in this too.
    If you get some excersize and make sure you are eating right that may help. And if it doesn't and this is a persistent issue then definitely go to the doctor.

    Oh! And if you are having any other odd symptoms besides this, even if you think they are unrelated, you may want to go to a doc right away.
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    Uhh is this a joke? You pretty much said everything.

    For starters, even I can tell you that 7 hours a day isn't enough when persistent (Most people I know, myself included, sleep 7 or less hours a day during the week but then "make up for it" during the weekend). If you sleep 9 hours a day I bet it would help a ton.

    You've pretty much outlined your problems in your post. You need to get some kind of physical activity if you want your body and mind to work at its peak. Also, humans all need sun!

    We have these threads very often on PF and the answer has almost always been exercise, steady sleep schedule (go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday), and a well balanced diet.
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    You should atleast get 8-9 hours sleep, it will help alot. Try to take a run, and perhaps take some vitamins.

    And not to scare you, but it might be diabetes, or even a simple allergy.

    I would go to my doctor and get it checked, a bloodtest should rule out all the serious stuff.
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    Quite possibly a vitamin deficiency. You should see your barista right away.

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    You've not been outside for two months? I think that's more of a problem than the fact that you are constantly tired (and, of course, the two are related).
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    I've not been outside since November in the sense I've gone 500m to the nearest grocery store or closeby to run some errand. That's all I've done. No I am not having any other odd symptoms.
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    Reduced sunlight will affect peoples moods, as will irregular sleeping schedules.

    Some people experience what doctors call "seasonal affective disorder" (SAD) in which reduced sunlight causes a change in mood.

    Try getting outside daily, and go for a brisk walk for at least 20 min, or walk 3 km (~2 miles), which might take more like 40 minutes. One could run that distance to save time, or ride a bicycle for longer.

    Avoid caffeine after lunch.

    And as Vanadium 50 suggested, see one's doctor, especially if one feels more lethargic or melancholic.
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    I'll try going for a jog. How long might it take for me to get back to normal? Will this get me back to normal for sure? If it doesn't then I'll head for the doc.
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    With a gym/other outdoor activities, some coffee/energy drinks, good food you can live with ~4/5 hours of sleep. But with only coffee/energy drinks, poor diet even 8-10 hours are not enough.

    Should look at your diet too. That might also be a problem.
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    It only seems the most likely issue from the limited information that we have so we can't offer any surity. If this is the problem then from what I have heard (anecdotally) you could feel better immediately or in a few days. Make sure to steer clear of too much sugar. Caffeine is probably a bad idea as Astro said. Eat well and keep hydrated. I would say to give it about a week and if you don't start feeling better you should probably go see the doctor. And of course if you start to feel worse go immediately.
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    Sleep apnea
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    No caffeine at all :surprised:

    I agree they are bad, but gotta love 5-hour and vitamins water + caffeine:biggrin:

    http://images.tribe.net/tribe/upload/photo/270/54b/27054bdf-1e35-41d5-a27f-d8076fc354ed [Broken]

    They say it has all vitamins .. :)
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    I slept for 9 hrs last night. Feel much better now although not miraculously better. Will wait a little longer. If it continues this way, I have a feeling I'll be alright in a week.
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