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Why do I feel so hyperactive and fidgety after not sleeping much?

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    Last night I got to bed around 3:00am and I woke up at about 7:30. Today, I feel totally hyperactive and I can't sit still without fidgeting to an insane degree. Can anyone explain why? Did I tap into some sort of reserve energy source and it get let out in massive amounts?
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    I think it's because you release stress hormones after sleep deprivation, one of them being cortisol. I know exogenous cortisol in the form of oral hydrocortisone or prednisone given for poison ivey, asthma etc. will cause people to have insomnia, jitteryness, and even steroid psycosis (non anabolic steroid psycosis). It's probably why sometimes after not sleeping for over a day, it's hard to fall asleep. However, chronic overproduction of cortisol (versus the transitory pulse increase) has the opposite effect, sedation and fatigue (found in those with Cushing's syndrome).
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    Hmm, I have no prior knowledge of any of those hormones, but I'll accept it.
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