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Why do I see UV & IF light? And why do I see visual "noise"?

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    When I observe the UV light emitted, I can literally see the millions of photons appear and die within milliseconds, but nobody else around me can. When I observe IF light sources and transmitters in low light, it is the same characteristic, except there only appears to be to photon sources, and one is slightly more apparent than the other, moving in opposite directions. In my normal waking life, I have a layer of visual noise in my vision that is millions of different colours, and can notice interference in the field when a new sound is present or introduced. I can hear colours sometimes too, more effectively when a television is on mute, the loudest being white, and the second loudest being about 477nm, or #00c8ff in hexadecimal value.
    I'm trying to comprehend this experience, and figure out for myself why my brain interprets information this way, but some guidance from anyone with an interest in physic, neurology and spectroscopy would be very much appreciated.
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    Hi Jordaniel,

    Welcome to PF. Unfortunately, it sounds like you have a medical condition and per the forum rules (for very good reasons) we are not allowed to practice medicine or offer medical advice on the forums. You should consult with a physician about these symptoms and determine if it is something serious or not.
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