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Why do my family has to be so good?

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    Why do my family has to be so good? :(

    I was wondering why parents has to be so nice?

    With my purely rational mind, I am overwhelmed :grumpy:

    I never recognized their love/efforts until last year. Now, more I grow, more debited I feel. I will be moving away from them pretty soon (in few years) and they know that. Is that why they are becoming more and more nice or is it just that I no longer taking their things for granted?
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    Re: Why do my family has to be so good? :(

    Nah, sounds like they're being very supportive. Good thing. And a good thing you acknowledge that.
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    Re: Why do my family has to be so good? :(

    rootX, your realization is a sure sign you have become a young adult. You're not a kid anymore, you've grown past the rebelliousness and self-centeredness that is a normal part of being a teenager. Now you're seeing the world from an adult point of view.

    You see clearly the sacrifices your parents have made for you. Their dedication to you is simply because they love you so much - you'll understand it fully when you have your own family. How wonderful that you have good parents!

    The best way to pay them back is to do well in life.
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    Re: Why do my family has to be so good? :(

    That is so nice and refreshing to hear from a young person. :smile:

    Most parents tend to love their children and do whatever they can to help them succeed in life. Mostly parents want their children to be happy, that's true success.
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    Re: Why do my family has to be so good? :(

    I'm sure they will appreciate that you appreciate. By all means make sure they know that you do.

    Wait until you are on the other side of it and you are a parent. Then you will understand even better. And lest you worry that it's a one way street, they get plenty out of it too. They've gotten to watch you and help you grow up.
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    Re: Why do my family has to be so good? :(

    It sounds lot easier than I thought :smile:

    I am not attached to my parents - I think it logically, so it is just asking one question: "who are those people and why they are loving me when I never loved them back with same amount of love" but it is hard for me to treat it as two way street. It is very complicated to understand why people have kids and spend all their lives on their kids when the kids (including me) would always think of them as old fashioned people etc. and would eventually move away from them. I haven't talked about other rebellious children yet.
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