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Why do neutron stars have magnetic fields

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    An article by W Tucker and K Tucker at NASA says that neutron stars have magnetic fields. If a magnetic field is created by moving charges, and neutron stars have not net charges to move, how are the fields created?
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    Actually the neutron itself has a magnetic moment, in spite of being an uncharged particle. The answer is that the quarks that make it up have electric charges. These charges cancel out over all to make the total charge zero, but the neutron still has these individual charges moving around inside it.
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    So, then wouldnt air currents for example, cause magnitism? Since the molecules are made up of atoms, which have quarks.
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    Since the feidls of the netrons in the molecules are not aligned, they end up canceling each other out. Which raises a question - why are those fields aligned in a neutron star? Or is it that they are not, but the magnetic field comes from some other feature of a neutron star?
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