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Why do people call each other names?

  1. Oct 14, 2005 #1
    At another forum, I see people calling each other names and degrading each other because their opinion clashes with another's. But generally, why do you think some people call each other names and say bad stuff in general just because someone said something that clashes with their ideas. Why don't they accept it as only an opinion and leave it at that?
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    They secretly want to have sex with eachother, and they use name calling to express their frustration that they havn't realised that yet and so havn't done anything about it.
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    Wow, that makes a lot of sense. I never thought about it in that way. So this means that people in PF don't want to secretly have sex with each other.
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    Yeah, Freud was a genius wasn't he?
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    One word: Immaturity.
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    Yes, that's very true, but doesn't that sort of bother you because that one comment will always be at the back of your mind, no matter how much you try to block it out?
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    Well, if we just called people by numbers, it would get ridiculous after the first 10 million or so.

    "Well hey there 24 163 534" just takes to long to say, don't it?
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    LOL. How about names such as *#$%! or even $**!?

    Do you know which of his books explain this theory?
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    Well to tell you the honest truth it's when that opinion is dangerous that people have to be put down...not in calling them names as such, but they do need to be told how stupid they are by pointing all the flaws in their opinions. Well I'm more referring to the black and white situations with actors and pop stars...trying to spread their wisdom of depriving their children of dairy and crap like that. But if it is purely a difference in opinion in something like politics or something like that, then name calling and anger is just the result of immaturity.
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    Politics is such a sensitive matter. People get really offended if your statement clashes with theirs.
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    So that's why you call me an idiot. I should have known.
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    Oh yeah baby...

    tell me... do you like... younger boys?
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    Is this a trend nowadays? Being into 'younger boys?' :rolleyes:
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    Its the 'in' thing now

    I think smurf has finally figured out why i hate him so much
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    So how young is young?
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    We make no effort to keep it a secret.:wink: :tongue2:
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    Heh heh heh. You just called yourself immature.

    I find there are a few reasons why people do this. Sometimes people get offended and angered by others, and it's just out of anger. I've been guilty of that all too often. Sometimes people call people of conflicting views names because it saves them having to consider that person's argument. It's a kind of rationalisation. Sometimes people do it in the absence of an argument because they don't know when to stop posting. Sometimes people do it because they feel inferior to other forum members. But more often than not on this particular forum, people do it simply because they like hurting other people's feelings. And so finally, some people do it to hurt the feelings of people who hurt other people's feelings (I'm guilty of that too).

    Did I miss anything?
  19. Oct 15, 2005 #18
    No, you covered it all.
  20. Oct 16, 2005 #19
    You're jealous of my godly powers?

    I knew all along...
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    So who do you like to 'argue' with?

    I guess all the sexual tension is centered around you.
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