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Why do people drink?

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    Yes, I am referring to alcoholic drinks. Why? Why do you?

    I love beer but a few times, I have had too much of it in a single night. And it wasn't pretty the day after. It never stopped me before. I'm pretty certain that if I were to have had *too much* chocolate eclairs, I really wouldn't have tried it again, though. Conclusion? Maybe I just like to get stupid for a few hours...

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    I don't drink. I don't enjoy it at all. I don't like the taste of alcohol and I certainly don't enjoy being drunk. :yuck:
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    I totally disagree: I love spicy salsa and there is no way that the fact that it isn't pretty the day after will stop me from eating it.
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    I suppose that this cool to hear. :)

    I have no clue what spicy salsa is though. It sounds Mexican.
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    Chi Meson

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    I like a good beer now and then. About a six-pack per month is my current rate of consumption, but often a six-pack will last two months or more. I no longer enjoy being drunk (college was a long time ago) and the "next day" is awful if I have even 2 beers in one night.

    So if a beer has a good robust flavor, I will actually enjoy the process of drinking it.
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    I used to know why, but I forget.
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    I actually like the way beer tastes.
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    A good meal with quality beer or wine is excellent!
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    I only drink in company, never could stand drinking solitary. It's a purely social thing to me.
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    To get drunk is why I "drink". I've developed a taste for dark beers that can be really good. You don't drink the better beers to get drunk as they punish you for it the next morning.
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    In itself, I do enjoy some wines and some beers. I'll have either with a meal now and then just because I enjoy them.

    Parties where we sit around the fire or parties where we play games such as Balderdash are a lot of fun. Or playing beach volleyball, or playing pool, or dancing, etc. Alcohol isn't necessary for any of those activities (and has to be done around some of those activities since it's awful hard play volleyball with a beer in your hand), but it's common enough to have at least a little association with good times.

    On the other hand, parties with drinking games aren't fun. Parties where the main activity is drinking aren't fun. In fact, consuming huge amounts of alcohol is just repulsive. I don't like being drunk and I don't like talking to Ralph on the big, white phone. I'm not sure which I enjoy less. I can't understand why a person would intentionally turn themselves into an idiot.

    In other words, I really don't know why a lot of people have the drinking habits they do, or how a person could possibly become addicted to alcohol. I can read the studies and understand them on an intellectual level, but I really just can't identify with it.
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    I have a drink every now and then, but it is rare. I do enjoy the taste of certain beers and wines and find that they sometimes compliment my food very well.

    Other than that, I find myself having them more often while watching a good movie rather than with food (like I said, it is still a rare occurrence).
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    Getting drunk is fun! Its fun to lose control once in a while and to have an excuse to do stupid things. I like not knowing whats going on sometimes. I like the hazy feeling. and not knowing what might happen next. But only get drunk with people you know who are gonna take care of you! You don't want that scary feeling of not knowing where you are/who you are with and not knowing how to get home...
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    If you tattooed your address and phone number on the bottom of your foot, people finding you on the street could help you get home.

    I just don't know why more people don't do this!
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    the same reason why people smoke, to relieve anxiety.
  17. Sep 27, 2011 #16

    Vanadium 50

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    The next planet was inhabited by a tippler. This visit was very short, but it plunged the little prince into deep dejection.

    "What are you doing here?" he said to the tippler, whom he found settled down in silence
    before a collection of empty bottles and a collection of full bottles.

    "I drink", replied the tippler, with a lugubrious air.

    "Why do you drink?" asked the little prince.

    '"To forget", replied the tippler.

    "To forget what?" inquired the little prince, who already felt sorry for him.

    "Forget that I am ashamed, confessed the tippler, hanging his head.

    "Ashamed of what?" inquired the little prince who wanted to help.

    "Ashamed of drinking!"

    --- Antoine de Saint-Exupery. (Translation errors are my own)
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    Best not to get drunk, not even with people one knows. Losing control of oneself puts the burden on someone else. In my earliest years of university, I used to watch out for a friend who occasionally lost it. I'd keep him (or others) from harming himself (him), or someone else. He nearly killed himself - he rolled his car between two trees. That was on a tree lined campus road. Fortunately, there were no pedestrians in his way. And he got arrested a couple of times, once for threatening an ex-girlfriend. And I've seen worse. No - it's not fun or funny to lose control.

    That said, I enjoy a beer or two in the evening or late afternoon, usually with a snack or meal. I also enjoy a Scotch whisky, or a glass of wine.

    I never like losing control.
  19. Sep 27, 2011 #18
    Social lubrication XD

    As far as getting drunk, I guess that depends on how drunk. Sure it is irresponsible to get so intoxicated you become a burden to yourself and others - not to mention driving - but depending on the circumstances and individual it is very much possible to achieve intoxication and remain responsible. "Losing control" and doing stupid things is relative. For someone reserved this might mean participating in activities they might normally be apprehensive about, like dancing or being jolly. I see nothing wrong with that.
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  20. Sep 27, 2011 #19
    I drink in moderation for the most part. A couple of beers here and there, maybe twice a week. Sometimes I'll get a friend over and we'll do damage to a bottle of gin, smoke a lot of cigarettes and stay up till dawn, but that's very much the exception to the rule. It's funny the conversations to be had when you are staving off sleep and pouring warm drinks after the mixer runs out. Equal parts profound and ridiculous. Some of my favourite memories with friends are from 5am, sitting around a table outside in the dark and cold, nursing a stiff drink.

    Oh, and beer taste's amazing. We have some excellent beers here in Australia, it would be a crime to abstain!
  21. Sep 27, 2011 #20
    I drink only beer, and some wine. I do not care for hard liquor.

    A good beer is quite enjoyable, and I never drink with the purpose to get intoxicated.
    A pint or two with a good meal and friends, might be a bit tipsy, but I haven't been intoxicated enough to forget the event or be sick in many years.

    I would say I've developed a good regulator bar with drinking, and I know what I can tolerate and when I feel that limit has been reached, I stop drinking.
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