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News Why do people hate the Jews?

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    can anybody tell me?

    Before WW2, Hitler said that the result of a war would be the elimination of Jews from 'Europa' meaning Europe. Was Hitler using the Jews as hostages?

    Where does the anti-semetic sentiment derive from in general? It seems as though the Jews have a lot of history to avenge, given their ancient Code of Laws. Why don't they take revenge on the peoples who have wronged them?
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    I want to ask why do people hate muslims? muslims are being harassed in almost every corner of the world...kashmir..indonesia...kosovo...chechenya...gujarat...
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    I don't know where it comes from but they certainly have a long history of oppression dating back to biblical times. Its probably simply because they are different.
    In kashmir and chechenya, religion has nothing to do with it. Those are good, old fasthioned border disputes/civil wars. I tend to think the problem in most places with muslims and their religion is with the muslims themselves being intolerant.

    People tend to be emotional about their religions. So when two groups of people with different religions come together they start killing each other. Not all the time, but often.
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    First both of you should be mroe specific and acurate. I want to point out that not everyone hates them and MANY people don't. The ones that don't just dont have a way to show it. The jerks that do hate them go around killing people and such. The many that dont hate them cant go around doing things that show they like them can they? And besides hate is such a strong word be careful when you use it. Also much of the descrimination against muslims is caused by September 11, the world trade center attacks, along with other terrorist attacks plus the whole bin laden/ sadam problems have not helped. I am sure it will pass in time and I hope that time is soon.

    Where it derives from? Who knows, I dont. We may never find out but they have suffered all the way back to ancient egypt until moses led them to freedom. Since Egypt they had to deal with germany and russia and many other countries disliking them. As one of my teachers pointed out (and he has a Jewish wife and when they have kids they are raising them to be jewish) Up until WW2 they had something of a nomadic nation. They were not citizens of germany (well not many) they lived there and they were seperate. One of hitlers thoughts were "who has money after world war one?" And him already strongly disliking jewish people despite the fact that he was half jewish, accused them. So began the steep downfall of world war two and the Holocaust. Anyways there are many forms of jewdism (spelling...?) and as I gathered from what my teacher explained was they considered themselves seperate and united, not part of any nation. So that caused dislike in the years before world war 2 and also gave hitler someone to blame and gather his people against. When the Jewish people went to Israel and the United states they got their own nation (in israel) and became part of one in the U.S. Why they don't take revenge? Several reasons. The most important is probably because jewish people don't seem to want to fight. They dont want wars they want peace. Also remember this isnt the same time as when their ancient laws were written. They couldn't fight inside the United States especiially because Seperation of Church and State would intervene, I believe. Perhaps not but I think that would prevent something like that from happening.

    I hope I have helped.
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    I wonder if somewhere, back in the mists of history, the Jews didn't earn the beginnings of the hatred. Remember, the Bible describes Jewish tribes committing genocide...
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    ^^^ In ancient history, most groups commited genocide....

    Well, anti-Semitism really traces its roots back to early Christianity. "The Jews killed Jesus" and all that; there was a great deal of resentment among the Christian community that the Jewish community -- whose religion theirs was based on -- stuck to their own traditions and considered Christiantity a heresy. Kind of embarrassing for the Christians. This was not helped by the fact that the original Jewish Christian community was largely wiped out when the Romans sacked Jerusalem in 76 CE.

    In post-Roman Europe, the Jewish communities continued to keep to their own traditions and exist in tight-knit communities; this fed the xenophobia of European Christians who already considered them damned as unrepentant infidels.

    The situation was worsened by monetary concerns; the Church, in her infinite wisdom, had prohibited charging interest on loans ('usury.') Jews, not being Christians, were exempt from this, and so were effectively given a monopoly on banking. This made (some of) them quite wealthy, and so Christian envy also fed anti-Semitism. Add to this the fact that creditors are never the most popular of people...

    If you read 18th-century or earlier European literature the anti-Semitism evident is just unbelievably disgusting. Jews are called "blood-sucking userers," portrayed as greedy, heartless, deceitful, cowardly, and generally reviled.

    In contrast, anti-Semitism was basically nonexistant in the Islamic world until quite recently, the last century or so. It's basically arose because Israel is viewed as a symbol of Western imperialism and subjugation. There, one never hears 'Jews' smeared, but rather 'Zionists' -- Zionism being the name of the early 20th-century movement to create a Jewish state.
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    Greetings !

    damgo's discription is a pretty good one.
    I'd like to add that after many Jews were
    dispersed around middle-eastern and
    Europian territories phousands of years ago,
    there were Jewish minorities all across the
    "known" world and no Jewish state for them
    to go to, so it is natural for people
    to blaim and hurt the small and defenceless
    if they can, which is what kept happenning
    here and there throughout history.
    Because revenge is ussualy not their way.
    Because revenge ussualy is their way.

    *edit*Language Guidelines: Direct or indirect personal attacks are strictly not permitted.

    ]Live long and prosper.
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    Erm... I didn't see what Zero posted is racist... Can you point out why please...?

    Well, actually they did. Notice the work of the Israeli intelligence forces in tracking down ex-nazis. Also, some of the current actions of the Israeli authority can be called revenge attacks. But these issues have a political, not a racial root. The Jews were usually too scattered for an unified action, and when they were unified, they were usually too weak or lacked political motivation to persue aggressive violence in this way. I don't think there is any way to categorise willingness for peace with religion, or race.

    This is nonsense. The people who hate muslims do not hate them because they were muslims, but for a variety of other issues eg. stereotyped connection with terrorism, being an ethnic minority, lack of forgiveness for other crimes etc. There is nothing about a muslim that affects a desire for vengence in any way. There is equal support for retribution in the scriptures of all three major religions. I know plenty of muslims to whom revenge is NOT a way.

    In the end, it all boils down to a few factors together.

    1. Scapegoatism. The jews are an easy target, and segregated from the rest of the community. It is easy to construct allegations against them.
    2. Religious ignorance, particularly people who feel jews murdered Jesus etc etc.
    3. Economic envy.
    4. Revenge attacks. This is really only just becoming a factor.

    I don't think Hitler is really to blame. Hitler I see as an effect, not an essential cause. Anti-semistism existed before he did. Indeed, in the early 20th century, much of the USA was antisemitic. Henry Ford, I seem to remember, had such views.
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    Greetings !
    *edit*Language Guidelines: Direct or indirect personal attacks are strictly not permitted.

    Also FZ+, the problem is that many Muslim nations
    in modern times are passing through partially the
    same stages as Christianity in the middle-ages and
    Jewdaism phousands of years ago - fanatic belief and
    rule through and by religion. The opinions they
    express are their majority opinions in those
    countries today. I saw you mention the word
    minorities and I understand that you meant
    those living in non-muslim countries - well, that's
    a different story - their majority views are
    ussualy less radical, but being from those
    countries they are still biased and many listen
    to the religeuos leaders back in their countries.

    *edit*Language Guidelines: Direct or indirect personal attacks are strictly not permitted.

    Live long and prosper.
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    The Jews traditionally have been userers, making very easy money out of soft targets in countries where money lending amongst the native population was frowned upon.

    Getting very rich whilst taking from the vulnerable, and contributing seemingly nothing to the society was one of the things which upset people. See 'Merchant of Venice' by Shakespeare.
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    Change that to traditionally seemed to have been more of userers than everybody else.
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    I think the jews and the muslims are just unlucky.
  14. Apr 23, 2003 #13
    I think you are way out of line. Have you ever been to a Muslim country? Its not true nor fair to say that Muslims are fanatical. I think you will find Muslims far more tolerant of Christians and Jews than you think. In the U.S. we are ignorant of Islam, but in Islamic countries, Christianity and Judaism have been around for Millennia. You will find that there is a sort of "Abrahamic Brotherhood", ie, 'If you are not a Muslim, at least you are a Jew or a Christian' type of thing, since they are all based on Abraham, and "upon" on another, not to mention that they all have similar values.

    Zero: I don't know where this "racist" crap came from, but don't let it stop you from speaking your mind. Conservatives often use the tactics of humiliation, name-calling, etc., in order to control people who have different ideas. I don't believe you are one to be controlled in such a manner...
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    Greetings !
    They WERE tolerant of Christians and Jews as well
    as many other religions for many centuries.
    They co-existed with the Jews in peace until
    less than a hundred years ago (unlike
    Christians) until Jewish settlers began to
    gather in Palestine and they sided Nazi
    Germany in WW2 and they had no specific trouble
    with all Christians before the Crusades.
    But, today reality is different - like I said,
    today they are passing through the stage of
    Christians in the middle ages and Jews 3.5
    phousand years ago.

    Oh and... btw, I truly hope for your sake you
    won't get the chance to test your idea - go
    about a Muslim country and say you're an American
    or a Jew for example - they'll linch you right on
    the streets.
    That was the case (the "brotherhood" part) a phousand
    years ago. The values of these religions are different
    and the fact that you claim them to be the same
    is a clear indication of your ignorance.
    (BTW, the enitial values contained in these
    religions do not have that much to do with the way
    they are practiced today.)
    *edit*Language Guidelines: Direct or indirect personal attacks are strictly not permitted.
    Live long and prosper.
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    The people who are vocal are the fanatics. They are the dominant sect of islam. It is as simple as that. It doesn't MATTER if there is a silent majority that are moral - they are silent (which by the way is IMmoral, but thats another arguement).

    I tend to try to avoid judging religions themselves (as opposed to the people who follow the religions) but I have recently begun to read the Koran. It is astonishing but at the same time unsurprising. It fits very well with the popular opinions of islam: I'm about halfway through and from what I have read so far, the Koran is incoherent, rambling, violent, threatening, misogynistic, and hateful. From that it is tough to avoid the conclusion that the entire religion is bad.

    Drag, your theory that Islam is passing through the stage of evolution that Christianity was in in the Middle Ages is intriguing. I'll have to give that one some thought.

    I also interpreted it as thinly veiled racism. What he appeared to be saying is that the past 4000 years of persecution of the Jews is justified based on something they did wrong (that he didn't even know) more than 4000 years ago. But if he would like to clarify...
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    I agree with Damgo in the fact that some of the anti-semitism has been originated from the old question that the priests of Sanedrin condemned Jesus, and therefore jews were interpreted as the murderers of Christ. In Western (and orthodox) reigions this has been the main argument against them. Now, to the quote above: usurers used to be jews, not any jew was an usurer. This implication has been another (easy) argument to attack them. Now, the "contribution to society" is nonsense as reason against jews, since 99% of society (independently of their religion) do nothing for the others. Indeed, in any jewish group the community concept is much stronger than in christian societies.
  18. Apr 24, 2003 #17
    Sorry, kids...just trying to put things in historical perspective. The Bible outlines how the Jewish peoples of that time eradicated entire tribes of people. Such a warlike group would get a bad reputation, don't you think? No, I don't think the crimes of the past should be paid for by people living in the present day, but I believe that the past could certainly influence the present. To pretend otherwise is to blind yourself to a possible deeper understanding of truth.
  19. Apr 24, 2003 #18
    Well ... Ben Laden might be dead at the moment, and saddam too ... But the problem stands still .

    About Jews , I'll talk about the first Israelies before the come of Jusus , they were hated becuase they killed messengers sent by God .
    But those who are considered Jews at that time, were not hated, they were liked becuase they were doing what God Ordered them to do, but those who didn't believe , were the majority of the community , they changed the religion in order to suit them , and become Jews in a CHANGED way .

    NOT TRUE !
    Revenge is Prohibited In Islam ! Not any kind of it .
    So How come you impute Islam of revenge ?

    I Want to point out to the words in red.
    1- Islam is not connected with terrorism , it's that some terrorists are connecting themselves to islam to make the poeple think that Islam is a bad religion.
    2- Explain .
    3- Well , it depends where you want to live, do you want this life or the other life ?
    If you're looking for the other life, then you have to know that Islam gives the BEST way for poeple to get forgiveness for their faults in this life, whatever they are, if he/she did what Islam asked for.
    For this life , I think that Islam's main reason for making those sanctions is to prevent them from being spread over. For example : Stealing and raping is a very common thing in USA , becuase A stealer can steal money and use it , then go to jail and stay in there for about 2 years , and then come out again , clean and allowed to do this again. But In KSA( Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ) , The number of poeple who steals in a year is less then 30.

    You're are totally far away from knowing what Islam is.
    That's all I can tell you.
    Islam is Didfferent of what you know, Islam means Peace. Not fanaticism !

    True, In Jordan - which is an Islamic country - there are Christians, Jews and Non-believers, they are living totally normal , and for knowledge , I've studied in a Christain Roman School for 7 years , and nothing was starange , There's no deffirance between Christain and a Muslim , and now , I Study in somehow Islamic School , and this school contains some chirstian students , and they are treated like us ( sometimes I feel they are treated better , becuase they can have holidays in Islamic and Chirstain occiasions , While we have holidays in our occasions only .. LoL ) , totally no deffirance ...

    Were US poeple hating north Korea before 1900 ? or did they hate them after starting their Nuclear plans ( which threatens the US security ) ?
    When You're attacked or about to be attacked then you have the right to hate/fight the poeple who does , that's what is happening in Palestine , Unfortunately , terrorists who neer been connected to Islam before , are doing some bad actions , to make the poeple think that Islam is bad , And I Think I made this point clear before.
    For the second paragraph , I Think You don't know what you're talking about , In Islamic countries , there are lots of Jews , for example , take The Yemen , Jews percentage of the poeple in there is the second after Islam , and for Americans , I Think you know Egypt Pyramids , ever wondered how many Americans visit them yearly ? or ever imagined how many workers in the Islamic countries ? And you know that there are American Forces ( and some other countries Forces ) Are in Afghanistan , which is also an Islamic country .
    You're Talking nonsense !

    Duhh! You mean that 2.1 bellion Muslims - who say that Quran Is totally perfect - are wrong , and you're the correct one ?

    I Don't hate Jews , some of them are good ... But I hate Israelies , they are violent and they are killing Palestinians !
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    OK, I would like point out here that I am a dual-American/Iranian citizen; I lived in Iran -- as Islamic a state as they come -- for a few years when I was young with both my parents, and all of my father's family still lives there (except him.) So I think I can speak with a fair bit of authority on the subject, esp re:Americans. (you of course are free to disagree :wink: )

    drag, I have to say I think you are totally wrong in your conception of Moslems. I would like to know why you think that. Here is what I can say:
    • First, the standard stereotypes of Moslems are woefully wrong -- many Americans think of the Middle East, and Arab countries. NO. The largest Moslem country is Indonesia; Pakistan and India each have larger Moslem populations than any Middle Eastern country.
    • Second, in Iran at least, there isn't much public sentiment against Jews or Christians -- like Glamgein said, they are also considered "People of the Book." There have always been big Jewish and Christian populations there, and even under the Islamic theocracy now they are pretty much left alone -- there are a bunch of synagogues and churches in Tehran. Trying to convert people will get you in trouble with the govt, you have to put up with occasional "why don't you accept Islam?" from the really religious types, and of course you have to follow Islamic law, but it's not like people have a problem with you just for not being Moslem.
    • Another example -- in Iraq people tell me things are similar. Even Saddam's little genocidal crusades were against ethnic or political groups, like the Kurds or Marsh Arabs, that he had problems with, not religions. His prime minister or whatever -- Tariq Aziz -- was Christian.
    • Same thing with being American in Iran, you will not get "lynched." Ha. People will sometimes feel the need to tell you what they think of American policies -- there are very few Iranians who don't know someone who got killed in the Iran-Iraq war that Saddam started, and they remember which side the USA took on that one -- and if you go around saying "the USA is in the light" :smile: you will piss a lot of people off and get yelled at, but there isn't much personal animosity. Actually there is a sort of admiring fascination with America and Americans, at the same time there is resentment against the US government and its actions.
    • Religion has rather little to do with how vengeful or violent a people are. Rwanda is Christian, Iraq is Islamic, Cambodia is Buddhist, yet all have had terrible genocides recently. Trying to blame a particular 'people' or worse, a religion, for this sort of thing is, frankly, incredibly ignorant. No religion supports such thing, and there are plenty of hypocrits and unscrupulous people to do that sort of thing everywhere.
  21. Apr 24, 2003 #20
    Oh, and I find it illuminating that negative comments about Islam is ok, but negative comments towards Judaism are not...

    And, I wonder, in a modern world where the actions of a few are known to color our perception of entire groups of people, how much greater the effects would have been thousands of years ago. And, if you'll recall, the Bible describes Jewish tribes killing every man, woman and child in a town, with pride and admiration. Would that not make everyone else dislike Jewish tribes in general? I mean, what do you say in reply to the OT statement of 'happy is he who dashes the children against the rocks'?
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