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News Why do some of you right-wingers hate Hillary Clinton so much?

  1. Sep 20, 2004 #1
    I really can't understand it on a quantitative level, what exactly makes Hillary Clinton more unsavory to alot of right-wingers than any liberal, what crazy policies has she supported, what outlandish statements has she made that makes you guys hate her so much? Or is it not so much quantitative things, as there's just something about her personality that you don't like?

    As a New Yorker, I like her alot, especially since she's been fighting like a rabid dog for the money Bush promised us for 9/11 that we haven't gotten yet.
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    I hate her enough to consider voting for John Kerry to keep her out of office.
    The main crazy policy (in my eyes, and my future line of work) is her ridiculous healthcare plan she and her husband tried to ram down the throats of Americans in the early 90's, and the subsequent lying and covering up done.
    Overall, I find her to be a pompous arrogant *****. Her personality is awful, but that's personal and not enough to go to such drastic measures.
    There's plenty of circumstantial evidence to paint her in a criminal light.
    There's the psuedo-bribes.
    Her policies are as ass backwards as they could possibly be for my politics.

    In much of a way, her sneaky behavior, the constant coverups, the convenient shreddings remind us all of a time when Clinton skillfully manipulated the media, and Al gore took the initiative in creating the Internet. All three (four if you want to count the benign tipper) represent what many of us think are wrong in American politics today. I for one don't want to go back to that.

    I think that covers it for me.
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    She's got fat ankles.
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    She can't make an apple pie.
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    I'm a kid, I was 12 when Bush got elected, so I'm not too sure of the specifics about the "ridiculous healthcare plan she and her husband tried to ram down the throats of Americans", could you elaborate what it entailed, what measures passed, what didn't, why the measures that passed were "ass backwards" and why the ones that didn't pass would have been disastorous?

    Also, what pseudo-bribes and document shredding has she been involved in? Again, I wasn't really aware of politics when Clinton was in office, so if this was all in the news and whatnot, please excuse my ignorance. I'm also curious if you think Ronald Reagan was a good president, with all the subversion of the law, document destruction etc. that went on in his administration.

    Would you say you hate her and Bill equally, or do you hate her more cause of her personality?
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    Nothing concrete here...except a healthcare policy screw up more than ten years ago, way before she was elected to the Senate.
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    People usually don't develop vile hatred over policies. I can't stand the ***** because she's manipulative and takes insincerity to whole new level. And if I have to hear her mention how she "is doing it for the c-h-i-l-d-r-e-n" one more time, I'll... I'lll... arrrrggghhhh!!

    If she runs, I will drain my bank account and give it to the Republican Party. That won't help much, but it will be all I can do.
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    I actually developed a vile hatred for Ronald Reagan and the current George Bush based on their policies/executive actions. What instances of manipulation and insencerities on her part can you account for?

    And as with phatmonkey, I'd like to know if you can justify liking Ronald Reagan's presidency while claiming such disdain for manipulation and insincerity.
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    Besides her politics, I don't like her personally because she's every bit the political opportunist that her husband is. She's staying with him for political benefit (heck, thats probably why she married him in the first place), but they are two of a kind. They really were made for each other: slime meets slime. And "stand by your man" only when it looks good on TV.

    Politically, she has no real qualifications (before NY hired her) other than that she is married to a politician. The only thing she did as first lady - and I do consider this a success - is that she failed to get her national healthcare plan passed. Rumor has it, though, that she wielded some power from behind the scenes when Bill was President (ehh, he was busy...).
  11. Sep 21, 2004 #10
    What needs to be CONCRETE about my hatred? :rolleyes: Are you now going to debate whethere my liking someone or not is justified? Back off. I answered the original poster's question.
  12. Sep 21, 2004 #11
    Well, I don't doubt she and Bill had mutual interests in staying together besides love, but I ask again, has she done anything deceitful/dishonest that has caused any serious negative effects for America?

    Everyone starts somewhere, GWB was more interested in drugs, booze and driving buisnesses into the ground before he decided to be a politician, and he done got ta' be President.

    Kinda like Nancy Reagan and her Astrologers did when Reagan was President (ehh, he was napping...)?

    I can understand if you guys don't like her becasue of her personality, because her ideology and yours differ, whatever, and you don't have to have quantitative reasons to hate someone. However, I'd still really like to see specifics about policies she's supported that were horrible or any sort of deceitfulness/dishonesty that actually affects people's lives in any way.

    And again, with the charges of dishonesty in governing, destroying documents etc., certianly if she's done that, they're reprehensible acts. But do those of you accusing her of that also justify liking Ronald Reagan, who's administration had the largest number of convicted criminals ever (I believe), and had the whole Iran-Contra thing with all their "slimy" behavior?
  13. Sep 21, 2004 #12
    "There, but for the good grace of God, go I." Remember that? She was referring to some poor, poor beggar, IIRC. Get off it, Lady! You're a gold-digging lawyer, not Mother Theresa.

    What next? Sack lunches with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Oh, that bit is already taken.

    How about this one: Her husband is going into the hospital for bypass surgery. They asked her for comments, and she started talking the politics of health care! Lady, your husband is going to have surgery. He could DIE. Why not give the politics a rest?

    Now, if you are going to try and convince me I am imagining her persona, save yourself the time. I know what she is all about, and nothing you say is going to convince me otherwise. Her conniving and insincerity are as clear as a bell to me.
  14. Sep 21, 2004 #13
    Actually, I have no idea what you're talking about, remember, I'm just a kid, could you put that in context so I'm not so lost?

    Again, you lost me.

    I saw that clip, she talked about how everything seemed it would be fine, the doctors assured her things would work out alright and Bill would do fine, and then said in about this many words "We're just glad we have such great medical care here at (whichever) hospital, and I hope one day all Americans can have the kind of medical care we do." I don't see the big deal about adding in that you hope all Americans can get top-rate health care one day...

    I'm not trying to convince you not to hate Hillary Clinton, I'd sooner try to convince Jerry Fallwell to come to temple with me for Sukot. I want you to try to explain to me in quantitative terms (if there are any), why you don't like her. You hate her personality, alright, fine, but again, has she supported any horrible policies, been deceitful/dishonest in any manner which affected anyone's life etc.? I'm trying to understand if you guys have a real argument against her, or you just don't like her personality. If her conniving and insincerity are as clear as a bell to you, could you try to point them out to me, so I could get an idea where you're coming from?
  15. Sep 21, 2004 #14
    She has supported numerous policies that I disagree with. But you miss the point -- I don't form vile disgust towards candidates based on their policies. If I did, then I would be unable to separate the political from the personal.

    I rather like Jimmy Carter. I didn't agree with his policies, but why should I hate him on account of that? That's just politics. A man's entitled to his opinions, right?
  16. Sep 21, 2004 #15
    Alright, so it's just personal, right?

    To me, if someone supports a policy that has a negative effect on people, they're a bad person for putting that policy into place. They can be as charming as they want, but if they're responsible for something like people losing their jobs, I can't justify liking that person, since they have had such a negative impact on other people's lives.
  17. Sep 21, 2004 #16
    Sure, if they know that their policies are going to have a negative effect on people and they forge ahead, then I can see hating someone like that.

    Some of Carter's economic policies hurt the country. But I don't hate him for it. Should I?
  18. Sep 21, 2004 #17
    By the way, do you hate Kennedy and LBJ? Seems to me that their policies killed 70,000 of our boys and millions of Vietnamese. Do you hate them?
  19. Sep 21, 2004 #18
    I don't know exactly what Kennedy did as far as Vietnam, I thought it was relatively minimal, but for LBJ lying his ass off the way he did to get us into Vietnam in a major way, I consider him a grade-A bastard. The country did well economically and made civil-rights progress under him, but he's still a huge scumbag.
  20. Sep 21, 2004 #19
    I don't see it that way. You don't employee people just to employee people. You have to look at the circumstances involved. Do you think Reagan was super evil for firing the illegally striking air-traffic controllers?? I don't. I think it was the best thing that ever happened.
    Regan restored faith in a broken passive presidency. He stood firm on many important issues. He did what he thought was right.
    In retrospect, much of his actions could have been avoided, and even at the time should have been. However, there is a LOT more to this than I care to type out. Let's just leave it that Reagan did great in many areas, and very poor in a few specific, yet important, ones...IMO, of course ;)
  21. Sep 21, 2004 #20
    Yep. Carter was uneffective, but that dear old man tried his ass off. I almost just feel sorry for him.
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