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Why do the planets spin ?

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    Why do the planets spin?

    Hello, every body! I hope that it is not too late to contribute in this important discourse on "why do the planets spin?"
    In my view, spin is a load transfer mechanism; the number of cycles that each celestial body performs around its axis of rotation depends on the load that apply on that body according to the mean radius of its orbit. See the mathematics of this approach at this link:

    http://www.fotouh.netfirms.com/spin-gravity-S3-spinning-motion.htm [Broken]

    You may find the answer there, it includes the spin equations of all known planets in our solar system and the sun as well.

    For Earth and Mars, the equation is:

    a^2 * Y * Rw = 2pi* Rd

    a= Spin cycles
    Rw = equatorial radius of the planet
    Rd= mean-radius of the planet's orbit
    Y= Identifies the location of the steering thrust; e.g., above, below, or exactly at the planets surface
    (Y=1.1 for Earth and Y= 0.9 for Mars)

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