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Why do they ban people?

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    Why do they ban people? The mentors in this forum aren't nice. Everyone who writes something the mentors don't like gets banned forever. Why is this? This forum is a dictatorship
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    No, this form just has rules. If you take the time to read the rules, and then follow them, you will not get banned. Thats how things work sometimes in life. You go places and they have rules they expect you to follow for the privelage of their use. You don't follow those rules, you're warned. You continue to ignore them, you're no longer welcome.
    I don't know why you got banned, as I am not a mentor or moderator. But ask youself, did you break any rules? Remember, this is NOT a completely open public forum.
    As for the dictatorship bit, yes it is, a bit. But thats how all private societies/clubs/companies/etc work. The people who own and operate set the rules; it is their right to do so. Is that a little like a dictatorship? Well yes, but unless you're a shareholder of a public organization you don't have a right to vote.
    (not trying to be a jerk, really, but just trying to be clear in a "thats how it is, get used to it" sort of way. Seems like all forums are getting stricter to keep the crazies out.)
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    Most of the members here happen to like how this forum is run, that's why we're all still here. We enjoy the discussions promoted by keeping things clean, and are grateful to the mentors for keeping crackpots at bay.

    The guidelines/regulations are clearly posted for everyone to read. You had to accept them to join. The only reason you will be banned is for disregard for the regulations.

    If you really don't like that, then there are plenty of other forums on the net which are not as strictly moderated.

    Edit: Healey beat me to it...
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    If you don't like it then go to sciforums.com
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    Excuse you. This forum is a Chucktatorship. You better watch out before Chuck Norris comes to kick your a-- for not following his rules and regulations.
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    OMG, Those guys have the most funniest religious forum I've ever seen. :rofl:
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    In this forum everyone who the mentors don't like gets banned forever (without second chance).
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    People who come back under new account names after being banned just to complain about the banning and mentors severely reduce their chances that we may ever reconsider the decision.
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    When you are repeatedly warned to stop your behavior, then are warned that since you haven't stopped the behavior that you are facing a ban and you still refuse, you get banned.
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