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Why do this for a Macbook?

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    Hi! So I am in need of a new laptop. After reading that Macs are better for physics, I will be getting one. However I heard of some issues with the new 2018 models regarding a data recovery port. This is the link for that

    When researching Linux for Macs/ Windows for physics I came across this forum

    Where D H mentions some recommendations when getting a Macbook, which includes "1. Enable full disk encryption right off the bat if there's any chance you will have confidential information on your computer, (e.g., bank accounts, passwords, work you want or need to keep out of the wrong hands). 2. Spend a few extra bucks ($50 will get you a nice terabyte drive nowadays) and buy a backup device. Enable Time Machine, and use it. All you have to do is plug the device in to your computer. Backups are done automatically."

    So this is basically what Apple has done with the new Macbooks. They removed the data recovery port and placed a T2 chip that is supposed to increase security by encrypting data(removing the possibility of recovering data if motherboard fails) and work with "Hey siri" and the touch bar (which I don't carer about) among other things. I was hesitant to get one of the 2018 models for this reason of risk to data loss and having to back up all the time. However now reading that someone recommended encryption anyway, I'm left wondering what is my better choice. I am looking at a refurbished Macbook pro quad core i7 with 16 gb ram 2015, as well as a new Macbook pro 2018 with similar specs. Thoughts? Thank you.

    Reference https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/mac-vs-windows-for-physics.824321/page-2
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    The bottom line of the article is to use time machine so you will have your data saved and versioned meaning you can recover files even when you’ve had a user error. Another scheme is to enable two time machine drives and alternate between them every month or so. One can even be placed in a safe area like a bank vault in case the other gets destroyed or goes bad. Your backups will be protected too with a two drive setup.

    Another scenario to consider is ransomware where not only do they encrypt your files but your backup gets hosed so having a second backup that is used less often can help here. It’s all a matter of timing and vigilance on your part to protect your data.

    A third idea is to backup user stuff to iCloud or google drive so you don’t lose your important files that you really need.
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    Dr Transport

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    ???, it is a personal preference. We use MacPros as linux boxes, but the guys who do have major issues with our network and software requirements.
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